About Me

I am Dr. Jennifer Beeman, by way of PhD. I am presently living and working in North Carolina.

I grew up in the South East region of the US, and the Carolinas have always been home, with the exception of a short stint in Florida. I had a very happy childhood in Greenville, SC with parents who still love each other dearly after 4 years of dating and 40+ years of wedded bliss. I have an older sister who can pass for my twin, she is about 20 months older than me, and a much younger brother. Playing soccer was a majority of my youth well spent, and went on to my college career as well. It continues to be a large part of who I am, but I have since retired as new things in life are brewing and my time has become my greatest asset.

I work for a software company (best place to work in the world and literally the USA). My degrees are : BS (mathematics with a minor in Art), MS (statistics) and PhD in Statistics.

This blog is my way of keeping my journey through life recorded. Thoughts, feelings, events are kept here. I was an avid journal writer since the age of 6, and have decided this medium is the best place for me to continue with that. I have traveled to many places around the world, and plan to continue traveling through out life. My life goal is not to hit every country, but definitely every continent, with the exception of Antarctica since it's not really much of a vacation spot, though my friends have told me it is quite lovely.

My husband and I were both married and divorced before we met each other. We have an amazing outlook on life and our future, and plan to add more children to our brood . We had our first daughter in July of 2011, and welcomed our second daughter on the 3rd of May in 2014.

I am a baby wearing, breast feeding, cloth diapering, baby food making, tries to be mostly organic, crafty mama. I also use a stroller when necessary, and only disposable diapers at night. In our house, we love Jesus, singing, dancing, anything crafty, and most importantly, we love each other.

Happy Reading!