03 June 2016

23/24/25 months old :)

Who can keep up with this fast growing baby? I sure can't.

Here are the highlights. Piper is GREAT at jumping and a little daredevil. if she falls and or crashes, she will get up and exclaim, "I'm OK". Yesterday Sloan fell and Piper asked, "Are you ok, Sloan?" which was very sweet. Then she ran to me and said, "Mommy, sloan is OKAY"

Piper likes to DIVE onto things like the couch, the bed, and the swimming pool. She is so fearless! She had the best time at Disney world for her birthday and wasn't afraid of anything!

For the longest time, Sloan was prononounced Noan. Now it's SHOAN. getting closer.  Piper's lower back right 2 year molar has erupted! only three more teeth to go!

Piper is such a fish. She is undaunted by going under water and losing her footing. She eventually finds her way back to the surface. I have always said I was part mermaid, so I suspect this is why my children are also part fish.  When our pool opened a few weeks ago, a neighbor commented that she was so happy we were back at the pool as she really enjoyed watching our little fish swim. Piper is likely one of the few two year olds out there without floaties on full time. I hope that she can swim from the diving board to the wall by the end of the summer. (update on this below)

Piper knows a ton of songs and often requests them in the car. She loves to sing all things frozen. She usually has to recite three prayers at dinner time, ending with "In Jesus' name, Amen"

Your favorite books are "I love my Mommy" "I love my daddy" "Frozen Fever" Any flap book (barney and elmo),

Great Papaw passed away on April 19th, this is a picture of you and Mimi before the funeral.

Sometimes you let us put your hair in pigtails

This is a photograph of your school picture, which was adorable, despite your strep throat.
Taken on Easter Sunday 

Piper enjoyed Easter, sang up front with the children, and liked hunting for eggs. 

Now Piper is 25 months old and can SWIM!!  As of yesterday, she showed us that she can jump off the wall and swim all by herself. Of course she doesn't go super far, but it won't be long before she is jumping off the diving board and swimming to the wall by herself! 

Piper likes to say "Play with me mommy" "Sloan's not sharing, share with me Sloan", "mommy what you doing?" "What's that?" and "I want to do it"

She also says "I doooooooooooo" and it is adorable! She also says "This is going to be SO fun" and "I am so excited!" over and over.

We are taking her to Sesame Street Live Dance Party tomorrow and got the VIP tickets so we can meet Elmo. i am super excited to see the girls reaction and can't wait to post pictures.

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