31 May 2016

Sweet P is TWO!!

Dearest Piper,
I missed updating your 23rd month of life, I do hope you are able to forgive my sparse postings. We have been so busy as of late. Your great grandfather, whom we loved dearly, unexpectedly passed away in April, and prior to that we had Easter and other stuff.

But let's talk about YOU! Wonderful you!

You LOVE being the center of attention and will often act out to get us to look your way. You are very silly, but also a serious child. You like to say "Silly Piper" or "That is so silly". You speak in complete sentences.

You potty trained sometime in February or March and rarely have accidents.

You talked about your birthday for an entire week prior. "It's MY BIRTHDAYYYYY" you would say, quite emphatically.

Here is a picture of you on your birthday morning when we gave you your presents... you received a Princess Anna dress from Frozen Fever, a Frozen Fever read along book with CD, a card from Mimi with Elsa on the front, another book, and of course, our trip to Disney World!  We also gave Sloan the Elsa dress from the Disney short film. We didn't want her to feel left out, and after all, the short is all about Anna's birthday!

You LOVED the 2 candle and wanted to hold it all day.


PRESENTING... The birthday princess!

We took you to Disney World for your birthday and spent the day at Epcot in your Anna Frozen Fever dress. you LOVED wearing the dress and insisted upon carrying your birthday candle, Elsa card from Mimi, birthday hat, and your new Frozen Fever Read along book for most of the day. We managed to sneak them away from you at some point and distract you with other things like, seeing Mickey Mouse! This is how we started the day at Epcot!

And Goofy!!

Minnie mouse was a favorite. You even kissed her nose!

Next, per your request, we went inside the Big Ball (aka the Epcot Ride).

We did the Ellen energy ride, which i would highly recommend skipping to anyone going to Disney. We went out of curiosity as well as passing time until our reservations.
We had lunch reservations inside Akershus Castle at Norway. This location of Epcot will soon house a Frozen Attraction, or so we are told. 
When we arrived, we met Princess Belle! 
Then we waited for some food and played around while more REAL PRINCESSES came to our table!

Aurora, when she discovered it was your birthday!

Next came Cinderella!

Then Snow White! The kids love this one!

And finally, Ariel came, with her legs!

We took a few pictures outside the future Frozen attraction. It was getting hot outside and I knew these dresses already lasted five hours and were about to get thrown off!

IN true form, here you are, just after taking a picture in front of "Grass Anna and Elsa"

We then decided to go around the world and try all the rides.

We let you and Sloan pick out ONE thing for your birthday...
Naturally, you chose umbrellas, which would come in super handy the very next day!
Piper took a nap while Sloan participated in a show in Italy. She got to throw a soccer ball into the net and she did it! Next Sloan and Daddy went on the America ride while Mommy and Piper walked around Japan. This is where Piper woke up and we tried to take a fun picture where you can see the Epcot ball through the red pergola. I took Piper's hat so she was not having it and just generally a bit fussy.

Next was France. You can see daddy is still holding that pink hat
Finally, after a few stickers from the perfume shop, we are back to all smiles.

Epcot also had a few playgrounds; we were happy to sit while you two ran around!

And then another!

Afterwards we rode the Figment Ride. It is always so much fun!

Outside of the ride, are the jumping water gardens. You are signing more because you wanted to get wet, even MORE wet!


Finally we leave the park! We had a great day celebrating YOU Piper Claire!