15 March 2016

Sweet P: 21/22 Months

Piper is a smart and beautiful little girl.

She will tell you that she loves you (unsolicited) in a complete sentence, "I love you Mommy". She will also ask you to "Walk Away" and is quick to let you know when it is her turn "Piper's Turn, My turn". She likes to throw a fit, but is also quick to stop and listen to reason (for now!)

Piper loves to wear hair bows, but none will stay. She is happy to settle for pig tails which are perfect in her hair. She likes to be upside down often. She likes to sit in a big kid chair for meals.
The other morning i found her in her bed naked. She has learned to unzip her pajamas and take them off. Diapers are easy to remove for her. She also has potty trained at home, but REFUSES to go at her school and even tells me when i go to drop her off, "No pee pee potty". She has gone at Sloans class, but not her own. Soon enough! I am excited to have her out of diapers before the age of 2! Piper cheers for herself when she goes potty "YAY PIPER" and is very good at telling us when she has to go.

Piper also succumbs to peer pressure of doing what her big sister is doing, so often if i am unable to convince her to do something, all we have to do is get Sloan to model it for her. Is this the best practice? Probably not. But hey, it works.
Piper LOVES baby dolls, riding her bike outside, jumping on the trampoline and reading books. "Read mama, read mama" she will impatiently state as she hands me a book and climbs onto my lap. She also LOVES school busses and we often look for them when we drive around town. (there is a bus parking lot at the school near our house we like to go to as well)

Piper has mastered the somersault! She is likely going to be an athletic child, and she can almost jump. She likes to kick the soccer ball but gets angry when Ellie takes it away from her. Piper can also swing in a big kid swing (we push)

Now that she is 22 months old, here are more recent updates:

Piper is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!! FULLY (night time not included)

Piper speaks in complete sentences a lot of the time.  "Where did Max go?"  "What is Sloan Doing?" "I want to hold it" "I want that" "I do it myself" "School bus, where did you goooooooo?" "I don't like it"

She is incredibly smart and inquisitive, often asking "What's that mommy".  Last night i put my Kitchenaid Mixer on the counter and she asked me "What's that?" And i described what it does and then let her help me make cookies which she thoroughly enjoyed, tasting each ingredient (including the flour and oatmeal) Piper is also funny and does things for a reaction, sometimes not always good things, but she will learn.

Piper has been sleeping in Sloan's room some of the time, but does better in her own bed right now as she is waking up due to teething woes. I am excited for the 2 year molars to come in already!

Piper can now jump with two feet off the ground ! She can count to three unassisted and will count to 10 with help (often filling in numbers as i count aloud)

We have gotten rid of the high chair and both kids sit in either a junior chair or at the bench seat. She also loves to pray at meal time and often reminds us to pray. She can sing Jesus loves me and we hope to get a video of that real soon!

Piper is a bit of a picky an eater, but I will keep working with her. We are also working on taking her pacifier away!

Look how much she has changed..

We sure do love our sweet P. So full of personality!