19 January 2016

Sweet P 19/20 months

Sweet P is 20 months now! She weighs around 30 pounds and is about 33" tall!

She speaks well (especially if you're her mother) and can almost jump. She has a LOT of words, and can repeat anything. On the way to school she will name her teachers and some of her friends "bibet" (bridget), "Eila" (sheila) "HeLen" with a big enunciation on the "L" sticking her tongue far out. She also talks about Chase, her friend who is less than a week older than she.

Piper has her own opinion about EVERYTHING! She is very sassy, and likes to tell me no, but in the end, she will follow instructions, most of the time. Piper loves to read books and her attention span is growing.  She goes to bed easily and hardly ever cries at nap time or bed time. She also plays quietly in her crib in the morning while she waits for me to come get her. She is asleep most nights by 7pm and wakes up around 730/8am!

Piper likes to have a turn - "Piper's turn" or "My turn" she will say. She likes to do anything that Sloan does and will let you know if she has been slighted. Sometimes it is just holding her own fork or plate, but she wants to do everything herself.

She eats decent, but especially loves starches and salty foods. The other day she was pouring salt on her hand and licking it off, and then licking the salt shaker. (we use a sea salt grinder, so it isnt' as bad as it sounds as she can't really turn it) . Piper will eat a whole cucumber, apple, or pear. She also likes carrots but prefers they are shredded. She loves meat. Still eats sushi. Likes to eat hot sauce (my kind of girl!). Piper can feed herself with no help, even yogurt or applesauce. She likes to sit in a big kid chair, but we still like her in the high chair as she has a tendency to drop a lot of food for the dog.

Piper has 16 teeth, as her lower left canine is finally coming in! The top canines came in around 18 months and the lower ones came in just as she turned 20 months

Piper is very funny, and likes to be silly. She likes to play pretend and feed her self pretend food as well as others. She likes to put her babydolls to sleep and rock them in a blanket. She still uses a pacifier to sleep, and i'm not sure I will wean her of it yet as she is such a good sleeper.

Piper likes to swim at the pool and will count, "One, Two" and then JUMP into the water. She swims with arm floats and goggles and will hold her breath and look under water while she kicks. She is a very brave and confident swimmer and i expect she will swim without the floats by the end of the summer. She LOVES the pool, and if you ask her if she wants to go, she will always emphatically say that she does. Yes is not in her vocabulary, she will say "UH HUH" but we are working on it.

Piper likes to say hello and goodbye to everyone. She will hug almost anyone and give high fives and fist bumps.  If i show something to someone she will ask to see it, "EEE? EeE?" She does not pronounce the "S" sound yet unless she is saying "SHHHHH" or "SSSSS" for snake.

Piper loves to give hugs and kisses and is very affectionate. She loves to cuddle and be held. Especially when I am cooking dinner.

She can use the potty if she feels like it but does not, and thus I am not going to push it. Having wet underwear/pants doesn't bother her at all, which tells me she is not ready to be serious about it. This is fine with me.

If I ask the kids if they want something she will excitedly raise her hand and say "ME ME ME". Piper likes to ride her bike and can almost pedal. She loves to go on a stroller ride. Likes to play peek a boo, and will cover her hand with a blanket or coat, ask you where it is, and then pull it out. She finds this game hilarious.

She can go down the stairs unassisted, and will often go by herself while i'm getting ready in the morning. Sloan usually feeds the two of them some dry cereal and water while they wait for me to fix the rest of their breakfast.

Piper separates from me quite well and with very few tears. Usually when i drop her off, she runs off while saying "BYE MAMA". She is very independent.

She and Sloan love playing together, most of the time. They do have their moments, but don't we all?

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