03 December 2015

Happy 18 months sweet P!

Piper is now 18 months old and so full of life. She likes to jump and dive off of the furniture. She likes to run as fast as she can (which is pretty cute to watch!) She loves to spin around and play Ring around the Rosie. Her favorite part is to fall down which she tends to do a bit too early.

Piper LOVES her big sister and her dog Ellie. She love to read books, play with her baby doll, and sing and dance.  Piper loves to sing and will ask for specific songs and tell you no if you sing the wrong one.

Pipers top canines have broken the skin and will come through soon we hope! Her hair is still blonde and her eyes are very dark blue. Much darker than Sloan's. She gets a lot of attention when we go out, much to Sloan's dismay. But Sloan isn't a baby anymore and now P gets the spotlight! Both girls are well behaved and beauties.

I like to call her P, Pi, or Peanut Piper loves babies, and will even point to babies older than her and remark, "baby". She likes school buses and points them to me in the car, even when i don't see them.  She likes to sleep with her purple hippo and blanket. In the morning when she wakes up she plays with hippie and the blanket and sometimes a book until I come and get her.

Piper loves to eat sweet potatoes, noodles, corn and peas. She likes applesauce and yogurt. She also eats green beans, broccoli, potatoes, bell peppers, hot sauce, and spinach.

Anytime Piper sees a star she will say "Up above the world so high". She also tries to sing the ABC song along with her sister. Piper pretty much does anything her sister does, or at least tries to and thinks that she can. She is very determined, confidant and independent. Even more so than Sloan was. Piper is also very funny and has a great personality when she isn't having a toddler moment. She does still bite and try to scream to get her way, which we refuse to give into. Piper has a FUNNY personality and is going to be a real ham! When i try to take her picture, she often gives me this face as though she can't be bothered to look my way or smile. She definitely does not like to stop!

Piper is also really starting to thin out. Her belly has practically disappeared! (also, look at our new and improved tile floor!) Below she is trying to catch dust particles in the sunlight!
 New hardwoods too!

 Piper can almost jump, but can definitely dive. She also can float on her back and does so fearlessly! She is almost able to swim on her own and will definitely be doing so next summer!

Since i'm about a month behind, i decided to throw Thanksgiving into this post as well. We fed the pigs on the farm!

Piper got to see a school bus up close!

going for a tractor ride

She won't let anyone feed her 90% of the time, but she let her great Papaw feed her thanksgiving!

Her hair has a reddish tint to it some times

she loves to emulate her big sister Sloan.

She likes to swing on the big girl swing and does a great job holding on.

Giving her great grandmother a bite of pretend pie

Here we caught her kissing the baby on the table ad at a restaurant.

I'll have to update on 19 months soon as today, our sweet P is 19 months old!

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