06 August 2015

Sweet P! 15 months

Piper is now 15 months old!

She can swim about 5 feet on her own and will reach for the steps/wall and pull herself up! She is amazing in the water!

Another amazing thing about Piper is that she has pooped in the potty about 4 times. The most recent time, she sat down and I asked her if she had to poop, she replied "uh huh" so i took off her diaper and she proceeded to poop! I plan to try to potty train her over thanksgiving but won't be upset if it backfires on me!

Piper is only 27.1 lbs now and has "slimmed down" a bit as she is only in the 98%. She is 85% for height at 31.75". Piper has 10 teeth with 2 more breaking through (bottom molars). She only lacks her canine teeth and her two year molars.

Piper can say so many words, but my favorite is still what the shark says, "Nu Nun Nu Nun" (think Jaws) The other day at the pool she kept saying this, and for a second I thought she was asking to go Nigh Nigh or wanted a banana which was confusing, and then i turned around a saw a grey dolphin float. silly girl.

Eat. Nigh Nigh, (ba)nana, (s)Loan, Piper, Papa, Baby, Belly Button, Ellie, Mama, Dada, Book, Up, Eye, Nose, Bye Bye, Hi, More, Milk, Kick, Uh oh, Ball, Hat (everything is a hat if she can put it on her head, including dinner!), Doll, Duck (any bird is duck), Hot, Ice, Shoes, Ba ba (for sheep),  Moo (is a cow) and now she says MAX as her big brother has come to live with us.

Piper is now in a toddler classroom at school. She cries every time I go to drop her off, but goes to her teacher and then turns and cries as she waves and says Bye Bye. Like she knows she has to go, but lets me know she does not like it. It breaks my heart - Every. Single. Day.

We took our first real trip to the ocean this past month and Piper LOVED it. She was amazed at the waves and the water rushing in and out over her feet, and then legs and she proceeded to walk deeper into the ocean, even getting knocked down. She smiled the entire time and licked the salt water off her face as she found it quite tasty!!

After seeing her Papa fishing, she decided she would have a go, and grabbed a stick and bucket

Piper is my savory over sweet baby.  She loves some salty food! She also loves Ice which is not a habit i want to continue to support, but her bottom molars are finally coming through and I think the end of her teething hell is near *until the 2 year molars come!.

We also stopped at my Alma Mater for a little kick around

The other day I asked Piper to throw me a ball and she smiled at me, dropped it to her feet and said "kick" and then kicked it to me.

Piper LOVES books

Piper also LOVES her big sister and when we pick her up at school they run to one another and embrace.

We sure do love our sweet little baby!

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