28 July 2015

Sloan Violet is FOUR!

I cannot believe that I am writing this post. Next year our sweet girl will be getting ready for Kindergarten. Sloan has grown by leaps and bounds this year.

She can spell her name (and write it too) and has gotten much better at writing left to right. She can also spell several words, like "shop", "fox", "stop", "go", "box", "dog" (notice the "O" trend here ? ) but hey, you have to start somewhere.  With help she can spell "shark" and other "a" words, like hat, bat, cat, (though sometimes with a "k"). She can also read a little in her books (i tested her with new books that I know she hasn't had the chance to memorize yet!) I suspect she will be reading comfortably as she enters into kindergarten if not at the first grade level.

Sloan also impressed us this summer by not only participating in swim team, but also competing in three official meets (and one time trial). She swam in three events, Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breast Stroke (though this one needs a bit of work). I think the biggest accomplishment is that she was able to stand on the block, follow directions (Take your Mark) and "dive in" only after the buzzer went off. She even started backstroke holding onto the block! Just a remarkable thing for such a young girl. Sloan also won a medal for "Most Improved" in the 6 and under age group.

The competitive side of me watched her times improve as she competed against mostly 5 and 6 year olds, beating out some of them!

I was also on swim team at a young age, but i was 4.75 whereas Sloan completed her first season at just 3.75. My father tells her she is a much better swimmer than I was at her age and I agree! The best part is that she thoroughly enjoys it. I'm not surprised. This is the child who jumped off the diving board at age 1.75 without any floats and just sort of waited for me to come help her to the side. She is brave in the water! My little mermaid for sure!

She even climbs on and "dives" off the blocks. She is fearless, exhibits confidence, and had a great time doing it. It makes me so proud to see our child excelling at life in all the little things.

Getting ready for Back Stroke

For Sloan's Birthday we drove to the beach for the week, so to celebrate we threw her a SURPRISE party at a place called Pump it Up! The kids were all in on the surprise. Sloan was excited and even said a few times, "Mommy this is the MOST AMAZING birthday EVER" which is sort of what I was going for! She also kept hugging me. She is so appreciative and grateful.

Sloan still eats exceptionally well, she likes to eat raw salmon, salads, any kind of sandwich, most vegetables (sometimes brussels sprouts), and almost all fruit. We still do not drink cow milk in our house and at this point see very little need to drink it. Sloan loves chocolate, but it makes her a little bit too hyper! OR as she will tell you, "Chocolate makes me CRAZY"

Here are some things we have been up to in the last three months:

Dance Recital-

Trip to California which included, Riverside, San Francisco, Muir Woods (redwoods), Stinson Beach, and Lake Tahoe (staying on the Nevada Side).


We also visited Portland Oregon, where we found beautiful fields of flowers to frolic in!

We got her class picture back when we returned from vacation:

And then finally, we went to Charleston for her birthday and spent the week on the beach!

No birthday morning is complete without balloons!

And more cake!

On the drive down to Charleston, Sloan urged me to pray for the children in Syria as we talked about them the previous day. She is very worried about the lost children ("refugees"). It makes me so proud for my daughter to love others, recognize hardship, and long to pray for them (and ultimately help them)

Happy Fourth Birthday to our sweet princess! We love you to pieces and pray for a wonderful amazing fabulous year! We are all so blessed to be a family !

09 July 2015

Sweet P: 14 Months!

What a busy month this has been. We recently returned from a 2 week vacation to the West Coast visiting both southern California, Northern California (Bay area) and Lake Tahoe staying on the Nevada side. We also went to Portland, Oregon.

Piper's language has exploded. Here are the 20+ words she says:
Uh Oh, Mama, Dada, Dog, Ball, Doll, Sloan (sounds like Loooan), Ellie, Hi (with full on wave and cheese grin), Bye Bye, Thank You, More, Shoes (which is really just shhhhh but she brings them to you), Duck, Piper and Papa (sounds similar but she points to him when she says his name), Hot, No, Yes (sometimes it's Uh huh), Kick, Up, Book, Eye, Nose, Hat, Night Night, All Done, Shark (which is accompanied with the duh nun duh nun duh nun music ) and other random words, like today at school they told me she said "bread". She sees my coffee in the morning and puts her hand near and says hot, so her context is usually correct.

She also sings along to Ba Ba black sheep, twinkle little star, and row row row your boat.

She can tell you a cow says, MOO, a lion goes, ROAR, a monkey goes oooh ooh ah ah, and tries to purse her lips to make an elephant sound which is pretty cute as shown in this pic as she was watching the elephants at the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

She also started trying to make a fish face and whistles a little when she does this.

I know parents always say, My kid is smart, but this little girl is amazing.  She is a problem solver (carried a stool from one room to the next to help her climb onto the sofa).  Her vocabulary is quite comprehensive. She can even swim a bit and enjoys putting her face in the water and kicking to the steps at the pool, something I hope to get a video of soon, she is another water bug for sure! Piper is very methodical and figures out how each toy is supposed to be played with. I suspect she will have an analytical mind like her mommy!

Piper likes to rock and pat her baby dolls, likes peek a boo and will even cover her own head with a blanket, she loves to laugh and is very silly. She likes to play chase and be caught. She loves to read, take puzzles apart and try to put them back together, and pull things out of the cabinets. Her favorite activities are swimming, stroller rides, flying around in circles and being held upside down. She is a fast walker, likes to try to jump, and can climb anything! She also likes to play with the ball and roll and catch it!

Piper likes to eat most meat, especially turkey and ham and ground beef. She likes hotdogs, broccoli, frozen sweet peas and corn, cucumber, salsa, sushi rolls, salad, carrots, mushrooms, and green beans. She also likes bread, dry cereal, snack peas, rice, sweet and white potatoes, quinoa, and pasta. Sometimes she likes fruit but lately she does not like it at all except for bananas. Sometimes pears, kiwi, cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. She is my food challenge for sure but i will not give up! She does like mustard though so maybe she is just savory over sweet as she dislikes ketchup!  Piper likes peanut butter, jelly and bread, but does not like a pBJ sandwich!

Piper dislikes strawberries, blueberries, any berries, watermelon, grapes (cut into small pieces),  and apples. Doesn't like ketchup (she's too young to try it anyways), and doesn't really like anything sweet unless it is watered down juice. Ah the joys of being the second child.

Books: Peek a Who, Brown Bear Brown Bear,  and Moo, Baa, La la la (she laughs at the end when it says "it's quiet now, what do you say?")

Songs: Ba Ba black sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little STar, Open Shut them, If you're happy and you know it.  Piper generally likes music and will mimic sounds she hears. She has quite the ear for sound.

Piper is about 27 lbs and probably 31+ inches tall. She wears a size 5 diaper and size 2T clothes. Her shoes are size 5.5/6. She is still very bald on top but has longer hair in the back that i can pull into a tiny little pony tail (but i don't!)

She is so funny, makes us laugh, and has been such a great addition to our family. She and Sloan and growing into the best of friends!

Piper and her cousin Myles.

An iPad is a pillow right?
 Piper's First In-N-Out