10 June 2015

Sweet P: 13 months!

Piper is walking and talking up a storm! The other day she said, Get Up (asking for me to help her get up) and then poked my eye and said EYEEEEEEEEEE. It was adorable! She tries to run and jump but hasn't quite figured it out yet. I'm super impressed at her mobility. She started walking around her birthday and never looked back!

She can say one two word sentence (a 24 month milestone). "Get Up". She also pats her chest for the dog to come to her and says Up Up. She pets the dog while saying "Gennnnnntle"

She climbs everything and has discovered that she can walk in the shallow end of our pool (2ft deep) and LOVES it. She squeals and laughs with delight when we go swimming. Another fish baby i think! We are not surprised since her big sister is on the swim team this year and Piper spends most of her free time at the pool. She likes to wear her goggles and put her face under water. She dives off the steps and floats face down to me. You might even call this swimming of sorts. She loves the water ring and kicks around the pool in it. We are very careful to keep watch over her as she has no fear and will lower herself into the deep end of the pool.

Piper has 8 teeth! four on top and four on bottom with molars coming very soon! She likes to bite and runs around like a hungry hungry hippo at times biting us, but i'm hoping once her teeth come in, she stops.

Piper can point to her eyes and nose and will also show you your eyes and nose, but beware, she might poke! Piper can also follow simple commands, Come here, bring me that, STOP!, wash your hands. She also follows along to two songs, Open Shut them and If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. Also likes Baa baa black sheep and Itsy bitsy spider.

She is also OBSESSED with remotes and anything with buttons. The baby monitor, the tv remote, surround sound, dvd controller, you name it, she wants it!

Words: Eye, Mama, Dada, Dog, Ball, Up, More, Gentle, Woof, Moo, Ahh Ahh Ahh (monkey sound),

Piper LOVES animals. This is Rocco, a one year old Pug. One year old baby and one year old Pug = adorable pictures!

Activities: Reading books, swimming, playing chase, Pulling everything out of the kitchen.

Piper is also fearless when it comes to large characters. She was not afraid or the easter bunny or santa claus, OR Miss WUF!

She also enjoyed being on the farm and Mooing with her Papa at the cows!

 Piper will go on her first flight this month as we are going to California for two weeks with stops in Oregon and a quick Washington state drive through. She sure loves carrying her lunch box to and from school!

Piper LOVES her big sister! I'm pretty sure she thinks that she is just as big and capable!

First Spaghetti!

Sitting atop the wolf sculpture at NCSU

Popsicles are best saved for the pool!

 My beautiful little second born!

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