12 May 2015

Sweet P is one!

Happy Birthday to our Sweet P! A birthday post will soon follow, but i want to share your milestones first. ON may 3rd, Our sweet Piper Claire turned one!

Piper is 26 lbs and 30.75" tall. She is in the 98% and 94% respectively.  Piper is also walking! She started taking steps just days after she turned 11 months, and is now walking most of the time.

Piper has a wonderful disposition most of the time. She is such a happy and content baby girl. She will express her likes and dislikes immediately. For example, today we dropped Sloan off at her classroom first, and some of the children ran over to see the baby. Piper was standing there and one of them attempted to touch her head, and Piper whined at her, which was her way to say, Give Me Space. When that doesn't work, she sometimes bites, but we are working on being gentle and not biting our friends (or our mommy). Piper is so easy to make laugh and her laughter is incredibly contagious.

Piper is very much into everything.. She likes to open and close drawers, cabinets, toilet seats and anything else she can open and close. She is definitely one to keep an eye on - sometimes she will close her fingers inside things.

Piper is great at feeding herself and drinking from a cup. She LOVES to drink water, but will play with her cup when she has had enough.

Likes: Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Meat, yogurt, anything crunchy. Carrots. cashews, snap peas, bread. Sushi Rice and rolls!
Dislikes: kiwi, black berries, pB&j. Black berries.

Sometimes she will eat Brussels sprouts.  Her likes and dislikes depend on the day of the week. Some days she will spit out every bite of broccoli and others she will devour it. She tends to love sushi rolls and sticky rice!

Piper is fearless! She loves to be chased and will laugh as you get closer. She falls but does not cry for too long. she LOVES her daddy and I would say is very much a daddy's girl. The other day we were playing with the girls across the street when his car pulled into our driveway. Piper squealed, said DADA and started waving frantically.  She is an incredibly smart little girl!

Words: Piper consistently says, Mama, Dada, Dog, Baba (sloan), Bye, Row Row (she likes to play row row row your boat where you rock back and forth holding hands and frequently requests this game). Uh Oh. She also says I love you, even though it sounds more like, Ah dah du. or something like that, she says it. it has the same tone so i know she's saying it. Melts my heart!

She has also said (several times), Amen, Turtle, Ahh (for ashley her teacher), More, Again,

Games: Piper loves to play Row Row Row your boat as mentioned above, She likes to be outside. She likes to play with balls and throw them. She likes to play in the water. Any water. She loves to push her bike. Likes her stethoscope. Rocks her baby doll and hugs and pats her.

Other: Piper loves books and will sit quietly by herself and flip through a few dozen by the kids book shelf. She also loves music and will sing and dance along. Piper LOVES peek-a-boo and chase! She likes the trampoline for a little bit.

Piper is so happy and laughs so much. Here is her one year old video which i think tells all:

What a difference a year makes!!

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