27 May 2015

Happy Birthday Sweet P!

Happy Birthday Piper Claire!!!

Piper is now one and walking! She walks all of the time!

Piper had a "Sweet P" birthday party on her actual birthday ...

FUN FACT: Sloan and Piper will always share the same day of the week for their birthday!

Complete with cupcakes with little "peas" on them.

Her birthday party was in the afternoon. First we woke up and went to church... My parents came in town to help us celebrate this sweet girl!

Then we had lunch and naps! And then, guests started arriving and we had cake first! We also served Pizza, Pineapple (mixed with other fruit), (Snap) Pea Crisps, Pink Lemonade, and a nice large Spinach Salad (yes i realize this doesn't start with P)

Piper really enjoyed the icing on the cake. She wasn't too interested in the actual cake.

She has this adorable pink wagon that Sloan gave her for her birthday. It says, "do not sit inside" but this would be a hard rule to regulate, and I'm fine with her using this as her throne.

Piper received this dress from our friend Carrie, and as soon as I put it on her, she repeatedly blew kisses to everyone standing around her. Princess P indeed!

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