13 May 2015

Bike Day, 2015 and a picnic!

A few weeks ago, maybe it was last week. Sloan had another Bike Day at her school. (they do this 2 times a year)

Last Fall, i had to run home to get her tiny trike because she was so scared of the hill

This Spring, she nailed it. She even fell off once while avoiding a massive pile-up around turn one, but managed to get right back on and pedal away.

 This part is the "hill" which can be a bit scary as you pick up speed around the curve. Sloan practiced this many times over the weekend and after hours to get her confidence up. She did amazing!

We even managed a family photo, as everyone was there to support Sloan!

We also had another company picnic, as we do every year.

Did I mention we got a trampoline?!

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