03 April 2015

Sweet P: 11 MONTHS old!

Wow! Next Post on our sweet P will be her ONE YEAR update. i'm a little sad about that.

Piper is doing awesome. She has 7 teeth (four top and three bottom).  She loves to say DOG (Da or Guh) and Ball (ba) and clap. she will shake her head no in answer to something.  "Piper it's time to get in bed" (NO NO NO). But she loves her sleep and will not complain for long when placed in bed (assuming it is bed time for her).  Piper also says, Mama, Dada, more (sometimes), (a)Gain, Uh (oh), and said Amen in church a few weeks ago. She also holds hands for mealtime prayer now.

Piper likes to eat most meat, broccoli and peas, banana, anything crunchy, especially snap peas. She also likes to feed herself yogurt and applesauce. And she loves sweet potatoes. She also likes smoothies and recently learned to drink from a straw.

Piper loves music and will stop everything to shake her body to the rhythm. She loves to shake a wooden shaker and sing. She also likes books and will bring you one to read. She will touch every page as she is accustomed to "feely" books. I feel a little disappointed for her when there isn't any texture to feel.

She loves to be outside and will go the the door and stand there banging to be let out. She likes to swing and spin around.

Her favorite inside toy right now is a little drill that belongs to one of Sloan's toys. She still likes to eat paper and will post most anything into her mouth.

Piper has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Loves her big sister. Still loves to wave bye and give high fives. She has mastered the stairs and can get down from the sofa (backwards). Her favorite activity is standing and pushing a push cart back and forth. She can stand up on her own, but will not take steps without holding on to something. I am ok with this because she has grown quickly anyways! Last night Piper pushed her ride on toy all the way up our driveway which i consider a small feat. She is amazingly strong and will likely be walking in a month or so.

Piper weighs about 25.5 lbs fully clothed and is around 30" tall. I try to measure her in Sloan's room against her wall chart, but she doesn't like to stand still. She also climbs everything she can. I often see her trying to figure out how to get on top of her toys. It doesn't always end well and we've had our share of busted lips and bruises.

This is the toy that Piper likes to push up the hill. I am a little nervous for her to sit on it because she could still tip over and sometimes does. I guess I should make her wear a helmet like her sister?

 Oh no big deal, just standing in the middle of the room.

Piper has 7 teeth, four on top and three on bottom. The bottom right (looking at her) just came in.

Sloan is a good sport about rebuilding her towers and letting the "baby dragon" knock them down.

Piper LOVES the soccer ball and giving it to Ellie.

Mastering the bridge only took a few weeks of practice. She now walks across with ease!
 Baby's first St. Patricks Day.

Piper ate her first sushi and LOVED it. She prefers raw salmon, but will also eat rolls. 

What do i do with this?

I eat it?

 This is just an adorable pic!

Mad that I took away some of my sewing supplies (plastic wrapped buttons!)
These two are best friends! Sloan loves having someone to play with some of the time and both are quite proficient at playing independently, which is a wonderful thing!

Here is a picture of Sloan in the same outfit at around 11 months of age, and then three months later:

Sloan at 10.5 months
Sloan at 14 months

Piper at 10.5 months
I love my bald babies! They keep just a little bit longer.

Piper's Easter Outfit that I made! (Sloan has one too but i'll post her on her next blog)

i haven't set the buttons in the back yet. I'm going to make her wear this all spring!

Edited to Add: Piper took her first steps on April 7th! She was walking like a pro for about 8 steps but is not quite interested in walking unassisted just yet.

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  1. Time goes quickly! You have two beautiful young ladies :0)