28 April 2015

Sloan is 3.75!!

Sloan is now 3.75 years old! hooray! She is a wonderful girl to be around with such a big heart. She is about 40" tall and just under 35 lbs. If you ask her to tell you her name she will give you her full name "Sloan Violet Beeman" She knows our address as well as the two streets necessary to get to our home.

Sloan held a snake in Science Class!

Sloan can now count to 29, though sometimes she skips over 16. We were stuck at 12 FOREVER and i finally started working with her on it.. I wrote the number 13 on the dry erase board that we have hanging on the door to the garage. Every day, when we would leave, I would show it to her and then we would count together. The numbers to follow were super easy for her. She has gotten better with a little practice since I started writing this post. She can also count to 100 by 10s with a little help.

We got a lot of snow in February

Sloan recognizes most of the letters. V, Y and U are a bit tricky, except her middle name is Violet so that helps! She also knows the sounds that the letters make, can rhyme words with me, and can identify a starting letter from a word. With a little help, she can also do simple addition and subtraction.

Sloan can complete a 50 piece puzzle on her own, and will do so in about 5-10 minutes after the first few tries. I actually watched her complete a 24 piece puzzle in under a minute and then put it away. I'm amazed by her. I don't know if this is normal or not, but she completes puzzles with ease. I bought her a 100 piece puzzle to start working on and together we did it quickly (she does most of the work) i suspect she will also be putting this one together on her own now. I often find her putting all of her puzzles together in her room and family room. Sloan is very good about finding something to do and we rarely watch television - just a few times a week or less.

Sloan can write her name, though sometimes it is written backwards, or Right to Left. She can also write many letters and will sound out words to spell. Vowels are often missed unless they are hard sounds, but she's 3 so i'm ok with this.
Drawing an Ant (she also drew his bottom on the other side of the paper)

Modeling some of her "dresses by Mommy" 

Sloan does not like to go to sleep, she is too afraid to miss something. Sloan also talks a mile a minute and will also talk in her sleep which can be entertaining when she is not scared.

Her second cousin Luke is 9 months to the day older than she. They could pass for twins!

Great Grandma Sloan's 90th birthday!

Sloan can ride a bike with training wheels and really enjoys doing so. She likes to paint and draw. I have even received the pleasure of her drawing on the deck, and on the inside of my books (such as a bible study book, she also fills out the questions but also wrote all over the text.) IT was a one time occurrence and hopefully won't happen again.

Loves to go to the theater and see plays!
running a bit late :)

Sloan has an amazing vocabulary. She plays well with her friends at school and is well liked.

 Sloan can do laundry (with help), and can "fold" and put away her clothes. She sets the table and clears it after meals. She picks out her own clothes most days and will even help pick out Piper's clothes.

we go to lunch together and she loves to take selfies with me :) I was late picking her up today for lunch and she had to sit in the lunchroom and wait on me. I felt horrible as i ran over to her building with my shoes in hand (they were NOT running shoes) and when I arrived, apologizing profusely, she just laughed and told me it was totally fine and she was perfectly ok b/c she KNOWS when i say i will do something, that i will do it! She embodies so much of her father's carefree personality, and i love that about her!

Waiting for a bike ride with Daddy!

Hated the Easter Bunny:

Loved her EAster Dress


High-canoes (it's a volcano)

AT a Different day, that wasn't this day......

Chocolate makes me CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAYZEEEEEEEEEEEE! (it's true!)

When i grow up, I want to wash dishes. But i want to live with you forever because i don't want to grow up. But if i do grow up, then i will have a baby. Piper will grow up too. When i get bigger, she will also get bigger.

Mommy, you look fab-lee-ous.

Mommy, i know i am a Beeman, but i REALLY don't like Bees, as she swats a bee away.

Colors: Blue and Purple
Restaurant: Sushi Thai
Movies: Little Mermaid
TV Show: She changes between Curious George and My little Pony.

I can't say it enough, Sloan is patient, thoughtful, kind and loving. She is understanding with her baby sister, even as we are dealing with the frustrations of biting. She is so laid back. She is such a joy in our lives. We sure do love our Sloan Violet!

03 April 2015

Sweet P: 11 MONTHS old!

Wow! Next Post on our sweet P will be her ONE YEAR update. i'm a little sad about that.

Piper is doing awesome. She has 7 teeth (four top and three bottom).  She loves to say DOG (Da or Guh) and Ball (ba) and clap. she will shake her head no in answer to something.  "Piper it's time to get in bed" (NO NO NO). But she loves her sleep and will not complain for long when placed in bed (assuming it is bed time for her).  Piper also says, Mama, Dada, more (sometimes), (a)Gain, Uh (oh), and said Amen in church a few weeks ago. She also holds hands for mealtime prayer now.

Piper likes to eat most meat, broccoli and peas, banana, anything crunchy, especially snap peas. She also likes to feed herself yogurt and applesauce. And she loves sweet potatoes. She also likes smoothies and recently learned to drink from a straw.

Piper loves music and will stop everything to shake her body to the rhythm. She loves to shake a wooden shaker and sing. She also likes books and will bring you one to read. She will touch every page as she is accustomed to "feely" books. I feel a little disappointed for her when there isn't any texture to feel.

She loves to be outside and will go the the door and stand there banging to be let out. She likes to swing and spin around.

Her favorite inside toy right now is a little drill that belongs to one of Sloan's toys. She still likes to eat paper and will post most anything into her mouth.

Piper has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Loves her big sister. Still loves to wave bye and give high fives. She has mastered the stairs and can get down from the sofa (backwards). Her favorite activity is standing and pushing a push cart back and forth. She can stand up on her own, but will not take steps without holding on to something. I am ok with this because she has grown quickly anyways! Last night Piper pushed her ride on toy all the way up our driveway which i consider a small feat. She is amazingly strong and will likely be walking in a month or so.

Piper weighs about 25.5 lbs fully clothed and is around 30" tall. I try to measure her in Sloan's room against her wall chart, but she doesn't like to stand still. She also climbs everything she can. I often see her trying to figure out how to get on top of her toys. It doesn't always end well and we've had our share of busted lips and bruises.

This is the toy that Piper likes to push up the hill. I am a little nervous for her to sit on it because she could still tip over and sometimes does. I guess I should make her wear a helmet like her sister?

 Oh no big deal, just standing in the middle of the room.

Piper has 7 teeth, four on top and three on bottom. The bottom right (looking at her) just came in.

Sloan is a good sport about rebuilding her towers and letting the "baby dragon" knock them down.

Piper LOVES the soccer ball and giving it to Ellie.

Mastering the bridge only took a few weeks of practice. She now walks across with ease!
 Baby's first St. Patricks Day.

Piper ate her first sushi and LOVED it. She prefers raw salmon, but will also eat rolls. 

What do i do with this?

I eat it?

 This is just an adorable pic!

Mad that I took away some of my sewing supplies (plastic wrapped buttons!)
These two are best friends! Sloan loves having someone to play with some of the time and both are quite proficient at playing independently, which is a wonderful thing!

Here is a picture of Sloan in the same outfit at around 11 months of age, and then three months later:

Sloan at 10.5 months
Sloan at 14 months

Piper at 10.5 months
I love my bald babies! They keep just a little bit longer.

Piper's Easter Outfit that I made! (Sloan has one too but i'll post her on her next blog)

i haven't set the buttons in the back yet. I'm going to make her wear this all spring!

Edited to Add: Piper took her first steps on April 7th! She was walking like a pro for about 8 steps but is not quite interested in walking unassisted just yet.