03 March 2015

Sweet P: 10 months old

Happy 10 months to our beautiful and spirited baby girl!
February was an incredibly busy month! 

My parents came to visit Valentine's weekend! Piper went to see the ENT and was scheduled for tubes on the 23rd of Feb, and it snowed several times in between and iced over a few times too. 

A littler about Piper:
She loves to wave, signs "more", says "bye", "Mama" "Dada" (seldom), calls Sloan "Ba" or "baba".  Piper likes to give high fives and fist bumps (where they explode) it cracks her up. She also has started holding hands when we pray for meals and babbling along with us. IT's quite cute. She does scream for her water cup. Loves to eat, especially meat. Loves to drink water.  
Favorites: emptying out a basket. (any basket or trashcan will do), playing in Sloan's toy kitchen (dumping out all the food stuffs). PIper likes to chew on anything, especially paper. She LOVES the toilet paper . Piper also LOVES her pacifier. Especially if we are about to take a car ride, but will hand it to me when i open the door to take her out of the car. And most importantly, Piper likes to get thrown into the air and caught, or tossed back and forth between us, or swung around in circles. She will let you know when she has had enough. Usually you wear out first! Piper weighs just over 24 lbs and who knows if she has gotten any taller. She seems tall enough to me! 

Doesn't care for TV even if Sloan is watching, though she will stop when she hears music and shake her head back and forth. She really likes music and dancing! 


She isn't one to sit still and let you just take her picture. 


Papa is still the baby whisperer

This was Piper's first "snow" although technically this is ice:

Piper likes to smack her lips and now kisses her big sister . IT is quite adorable. This was taken the day of her surgery. 
She just crawled up to sloan on the sofa and open mouth kissed her. I asked her to do it again and she complied. The surgery went and so far her ears are looking very good.

Speaking of ears... The first day she sort of crawled around like a drunken sailor.. I think this was because she had yet to discover her land legs. Her ears have been full of fluid and/or infected for as long as she could crawl. She was a bit off balance, but after the first few days, she regained her confidence and started doing new things....

Like climbing the stairs!! All 14 of them! She went from no stairs to all the stairs, which is typical Piper fashion.

The other day she was standing at the bridge in her classroom and was working on stepping up and down while standing. She would step up with the right foot, down with the left, Then up with the left and back down with the right. Mastering each foot. I think now she will climb the bridge.
 So Piper's method of operation is to perfect a skill before showing it.  She did this with crawling, rocking on her hands and knees and doing downward dog motion before she decided to crawl. Then she sat herself up and took off one day. Just out of the blue.  Though really it wasn't a big surprise as she has hit all the milestones a bit early.

Now that she has balance. or perhaps the surgery just coincided with development milestones, Piper is climbing everything. She gets into everything, and really needs supervision! She lets go of things and can stand unassisted for a few seconds. She walks across the floor on her knees, or if standing, will push a toy across the room. Cruises everything, and has an incredibly long reach.  Her favorite is trying to get in the toilet and touch the water. When you tell her no, she will shake her head back and forth "NO" quickly and then smile at you and go back to what she is doing. I call her my spirited child!

The day after surgery it snowed for 12 hours. Big White Fluffy snow. It melted a bit on Wednesday, and then Wednesday Night it snowed VERY hard. The previous week we had an ice storm followed by a few snow showers. This week was big fluffy snow. WE had about 6 inches at the house! It was awesome!

Piper has much less hair than Sloan did at 10 months and her top two lateral incisors are coming through any day - the lower two should follow soon.  We are hoping that March brings with it warmer weather! I always say hair grows faster in the warm so perhaps we will see a burst of hair in the months to follow !

Piper loves to laugh, finds her sister to be hilarious, and makes us laugh often, for example I found her this weekend licking the air vent. She also likes dog food!

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