05 February 2015

Sweet P: 9 Months old!

I cannot believe that I am starting to think of ideas for Piper's first birthday party! She is officially 9 months old and the stats are coming in now :)
I plan to do a mini photo shoot with my camera this weekend to get her cuteness in full effect.

Piper weighs 23 lbs 13.5 oz (only because she had two huge blow outs this morning) Otherwise, Piper is 24lbs. Still 99%, but that blow-out put her back on the chart! Piper is 29" long. -91% Her head is a good 35% in size. Piper has 4 teeth with 4 more on the way. Her doctor thinks they will be here within the next 6 weeks.

Piper has had an ear infection since December 9th with very little reprieve. She will be seeing the ENT on Tuesday to discuss tubes. I hope we can schedule them right away and get her back to feeling better. She doesn't babble as much as she used to and I think her ears are affecting her. I also think she is a little off balance and will develop by leaps and bounds once we get this fluid sorted out. Our poor baby.

Piper can walk across the floor pushing her walker/push toy thing and cruises along every surface. She loves to put everything in her mouth and is a pro at waving hi and bye! If you even so much as say HI she will start waving madly. She LOVES to wave at her daddy and will reach for him as he enters the room. She also loves to clap and any time you say "YAY" she will clap her hands. Piper's newest "trick" is giving a high five. You tell her "high five" and she will put her hand up high in the air and let you hit it. (sorry it's blurry, but you try getting her to hold still!)

Then she laughs because she thinks this is funny.

She likes to get flipped on the bed, playing the "flippy flip game" and will lie down in front of you wanting to do it again.  She has yet to master balancing herself while standing, but is pretty good at falling to her bottom and is pretty tough. She cries more over feelings (like not getting her way) than physical stuff. She can stand sometimes for a few seconds, but barely has to hold on to anything to stand. Just not quite ready to stand unassisted.

Piper can say Mama, Dada, Bye, Hi, 'gain (again), and once at dinner she said "more", twice in a row. She did, in fact, want more. She also says a lot of Ba-Ba. whatever that is

Piper is a GOOD eater. she LOVES meat of all kinds: Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Fish. She likes broccoli, green beans, peas, and carrots. She will pretty much eat anything we put in front of her as long as we cycle the foods out so that she isn't given the same things every day. She will not eat purees, though sometimes she will let us feed her oatmeal and applesauce. She feeds herself well, and is to the point that I don't really have to help her, as long as I don't put all the food on her tray at once. She does try to shovel it all in.  She tries to use a spoon, and can pick up her cup. For now, this is good for me.

Piper is a very easy going baby, except when she doesn't get her way. For example, if you take something from her that she cannot have, she is very vocal about it. Today at the doctor she wanted to eat the paper and i told her she could not, here is the result : (look at those adorable toofers)

She quickly gets over her issue though...

Here are some fun facts:
Piper looks VERY good in black.

Her hair is growing, and even looks a little reddish. It's not red. But i really won't sit here and speculate on the color it will be. We have a ways to go before we have "hair".

 Piper enjoyed her brother Max's visit. He made her dance and she really liked that.

Piper enjoys sucking the water out of wash cloths. We change them out every bath.
She also likes to ride in the bag. She is pretty heavy but please, once you start, don't stop this game. Be sure to have TONS of energy.

She loves her dog

and big sister too
I really like this picture in contrast with one of the earlier ones:
It's amazing how fast they grow!

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