07 January 2015

Sweet P: Eight Months old!

I cannot believe that in four short months Piper will be ONE!  She is the most adorable baby. Loves to make us laugh and will get your attention if you are not paying her any by shrieking at you and hitting the surface in front of her.  She loves to stare her daddy down for his attention, and gets so excited when he comes home from work.

Piper likes to cuddle but will let you know when she is all done and ready to get down on the floor to play.
Piper can wave Hi and Bye and will say Bye Bye. She says Mama a lot of the time, and will also say Dada, but usually just "Da" and "Ma".   She likes to pretend laugh and cough. She will mimic you and sometimes she bites me just to hear me scream so she can scream back. It's a play bite and doesn't really hurt. But she is really funny. I am enjoying her playfulness and sense of humor. She also grabs my face and pulls me in for a "kiss". It's more of an open mouth slobber but they have to start somewhere. She also says what sounds like I love You. I believe it to be :)

Piper loves to watch the dog and seeing Ellie jump to get a toy makes her laugh.  Piper's top teeth are very close to coming through. I am hoping to see them this month. The corner of the top right one is starting to break the skin! Teething is such a drawn out process!

Piper cruises the furniture and pulls up on everything. She pushes toys across the floor, walking on her knees or feet.
She can also clap her hands! I put on a short video of "Shaun the Sheep" and Piper clapped when it came on. It was just too cute. She also is starting to wiggle her fingers when she waves.

Piper is just under 23 pounds. She lost a bit of weight over the holidays as she had an ear infection turned double ear infection and was quite sick for several days with a fever. She was mostly on a liquid (milk) diet and is now refusing to eat pureed food. Piper only wants to feed herself and she does it well. I am impressed that her fine motor skills are just as good as her gross motor skills.  Speaking of gross motor, Piper likes to pull up and then let go and try to stand. It doesn't always end well, but can stand for a mere second before falling down. She lowers herself to her knees when she is moving between standing and crawling to the next object and is usually very good about getting up and down without falling.

Piper also has a bit of a temper. She was up late with Rick and myself the other night and I had a bowl of carrots and a few potato chips in the bowl. She grabbed one of each and got very mad when i set the bowl down and took her chips away. I tried replacing them with something else but she was not to be fooled. When I put the bowl back into her reach, her tears stopped. We are going to be in for it with this one, but I think this was evident at birth.

Milestones include her First Christmas!

Piper enjoyed her new stocking and dolls. She received 2 manhattan toy dolls in snuggle pods. A few teethers (her favorite is the banana toothbrush), a few books, and an activity table! She also celebrated her first Christmas with a 103.2 fever! Poor baby was sick for a few days.

Piper is also learning to drink from a cup and insists upon holding it with one hand. Needless to say she did spill the cup after I took this picture.

Spending quality time with her grandparents:

Cousin Carter LOVED to hold the baby!

Piper is such a joy in our home. I love having her around and am excited as i watch her personality grow and watch the girls interact. They already play like sisters (the good and the bad)

Like i really gave her a coke to drink, but the cold felt so good on her gums!

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