03 December 2015

Happy 18 months sweet P!

Piper is now 18 months old and so full of life. She likes to jump and dive off of the furniture. She likes to run as fast as she can (which is pretty cute to watch!) She loves to spin around and play Ring around the Rosie. Her favorite part is to fall down which she tends to do a bit too early.

Piper LOVES her big sister and her dog Ellie. She love to read books, play with her baby doll, and sing and dance.  Piper loves to sing and will ask for specific songs and tell you no if you sing the wrong one.

Pipers top canines have broken the skin and will come through soon we hope! Her hair is still blonde and her eyes are very dark blue. Much darker than Sloan's. She gets a lot of attention when we go out, much to Sloan's dismay. But Sloan isn't a baby anymore and now P gets the spotlight! Both girls are well behaved and beauties.

I like to call her P, Pi, or Peanut Piper loves babies, and will even point to babies older than her and remark, "baby". She likes school buses and points them to me in the car, even when i don't see them.  She likes to sleep with her purple hippo and blanket. In the morning when she wakes up she plays with hippie and the blanket and sometimes a book until I come and get her.

Piper loves to eat sweet potatoes, noodles, corn and peas. She likes applesauce and yogurt. She also eats green beans, broccoli, potatoes, bell peppers, hot sauce, and spinach.

Anytime Piper sees a star she will say "Up above the world so high". She also tries to sing the ABC song along with her sister. Piper pretty much does anything her sister does, or at least tries to and thinks that she can. She is very determined, confidant and independent. Even more so than Sloan was. Piper is also very funny and has a great personality when she isn't having a toddler moment. She does still bite and try to scream to get her way, which we refuse to give into. Piper has a FUNNY personality and is going to be a real ham! When i try to take her picture, she often gives me this face as though she can't be bothered to look my way or smile. She definitely does not like to stop!

Piper is also really starting to thin out. Her belly has practically disappeared! (also, look at our new and improved tile floor!) Below she is trying to catch dust particles in the sunlight!
 New hardwoods too!

 Piper can almost jump, but can definitely dive. She also can float on her back and does so fearlessly! She is almost able to swim on her own and will definitely be doing so next summer!

Since i'm about a month behind, i decided to throw Thanksgiving into this post as well. We fed the pigs on the farm!

Piper got to see a school bus up close!

going for a tractor ride

She won't let anyone feed her 90% of the time, but she let her great Papaw feed her thanksgiving!

Her hair has a reddish tint to it some times

she loves to emulate her big sister Sloan.

She likes to swing on the big girl swing and does a great job holding on.

Giving her great grandmother a bite of pretend pie

Here we caught her kissing the baby on the table ad at a restaurant.

I'll have to update on 19 months soon as today, our sweet P is 19 months old!

23 October 2015

sweet P 16/17 months

Well this has been an eventful month (or two). So much that I haven't had a chance to write about Piper at all but that hasn't stopped her from growing or from me thinking about her. We have had a crazy two months with severe water damage in our home and we are going on nearly two months of being displaced, but the work is nearly done and i am very excited to see the results! It was cute to see Piper's face when the floors and cabinets were ripped out and the refrigerator was moved across the room! We are just anxious to get back to normal, even Rick is tired of eating out !

Piper has 12 teeth, the bottom molars came in just after she turned 15 months. The top came in just before that around 13-14 months.

Piper can swim a little on her own and is fearless, we finished up the summer with that. We swim indoors a few times a month and Piper will float on her back and "dive" into the water hands first. She should be swimming just fine by next summer!

Piper likes to run and jump and play. she loves to go "outside". She loves to sing and knows part of at least three songs. The wheels on the bus go "Round and Round", she does the motions for the wheels, and then will ask me to do the next part, asking for "baby?", "mama", "up and down" (that's what the people do) She loves Ring around the Rosie, Row Row Row your boat and will also sing "Up above the world so high". She also sings Ba Ba black sheep and loves her little lambie.

Piper loves the farm and has no fear feeding the ponies and donkey, even if she did get bit!

Piper can say SO many things. The other morning I was buckling her into the car and singing to her. She kept saying "No No Noooooo" so i finally asked, Which song do you want to me to sing, and she replied, clear as day, "McDonald". I was floored by this three syllable word.  Of course now as I type this, she has exploded in her language. Yesterday she asked me to roll her window down please. I questioned her, and she said, Yes. I rolled it down, she said thank you. She is so sweet!

Whenever she sees someone she will say, Hi (S)loan. Hi Ma(x). Hi Dada. Hi mama. Hi Ellie.  We have a Yoda at work and she came back a few days later to eat breakfast and started pointing towards the wall saying, Yoda? Her memory is also very sharp. She usually locates her shoes for me in the morning and will also bring me my shoes as I get ready. Piper also enjoys handing me my towel as I am getting out of the shower and says, "here you go".

Piper has been using her Bjorn potty for the last few months. She isn't regular about it yet, but I hope to try to do some training around thanksgiving or Christmas. I think she will be almost ready. She does sit on her potty and says, "Poop". I ask her if she has to go, she shakes her head yes, and I remove her diaper so she can go.

Piper is so sweet and loving but also has a bit of a temper to her when she doesn't get her way. We are working on that

Food: Piper likes frozen peas, green beans, corn, broccoli, carrots, salad, mushrooms, hummus, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, noodles, steak, beef, chicken, salmon, bread, healthy muffins, cookies, eggs, sausage and healthy waffles. She sometimes likes hot sauce, but is learning about ketchup and mustard from her sister and likes to dip her food.  She likes cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, and bananas.

TV: Piper likes Elmo and Daniel Tiger and sometimes Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time. We only watch a little tv, and some weeks under one hour for the entire week.

piper LOVES books. Her favorite ones are the word books that she can identify the objects and flap books. she LOVES peek a Who.

Piper loves playing peek a boo, chase, riding bikes, coloring on all the things, being flipped upside down, diving off the ottoman to the couch, driving her Little Tykes Car, pulling all the books off the bookcase and climbing everything. Outside is her favorite.

Piper loves wearing her shoes, likes getting dressed, and is excited about her halloween costume (didn't want to take it off the other day). She likes it when i put a hair bow in her hair and will run to the mirror to go see it, but then will pull it out and say "Uh oh". She also is often caught saying "Oh Man" which usually means she spilled, dumped, poured something all over the floor.

Piper also likes to pretend to fall and "dive" from furniture or on the ground

We sure do love our silly funny baby!

06 August 2015

Sweet P! 15 months

Piper is now 15 months old!

She can swim about 5 feet on her own and will reach for the steps/wall and pull herself up! She is amazing in the water!

Another amazing thing about Piper is that she has pooped in the potty about 4 times. The most recent time, she sat down and I asked her if she had to poop, she replied "uh huh" so i took off her diaper and she proceeded to poop! I plan to try to potty train her over thanksgiving but won't be upset if it backfires on me!

Piper is only 27.1 lbs now and has "slimmed down" a bit as she is only in the 98%. She is 85% for height at 31.75". Piper has 10 teeth with 2 more breaking through (bottom molars). She only lacks her canine teeth and her two year molars.

Piper can say so many words, but my favorite is still what the shark says, "Nu Nun Nu Nun" (think Jaws) The other day at the pool she kept saying this, and for a second I thought she was asking to go Nigh Nigh or wanted a banana which was confusing, and then i turned around a saw a grey dolphin float. silly girl.

Eat. Nigh Nigh, (ba)nana, (s)Loan, Piper, Papa, Baby, Belly Button, Ellie, Mama, Dada, Book, Up, Eye, Nose, Bye Bye, Hi, More, Milk, Kick, Uh oh, Ball, Hat (everything is a hat if she can put it on her head, including dinner!), Doll, Duck (any bird is duck), Hot, Ice, Shoes, Ba ba (for sheep),  Moo (is a cow) and now she says MAX as her big brother has come to live with us.

Piper is now in a toddler classroom at school. She cries every time I go to drop her off, but goes to her teacher and then turns and cries as she waves and says Bye Bye. Like she knows she has to go, but lets me know she does not like it. It breaks my heart - Every. Single. Day.

We took our first real trip to the ocean this past month and Piper LOVED it. She was amazed at the waves and the water rushing in and out over her feet, and then legs and she proceeded to walk deeper into the ocean, even getting knocked down. She smiled the entire time and licked the salt water off her face as she found it quite tasty!!

After seeing her Papa fishing, she decided she would have a go, and grabbed a stick and bucket

Piper is my savory over sweet baby.  She loves some salty food! She also loves Ice which is not a habit i want to continue to support, but her bottom molars are finally coming through and I think the end of her teething hell is near *until the 2 year molars come!.

We also stopped at my Alma Mater for a little kick around

The other day I asked Piper to throw me a ball and she smiled at me, dropped it to her feet and said "kick" and then kicked it to me.

Piper LOVES books

Piper also LOVES her big sister and when we pick her up at school they run to one another and embrace.

We sure do love our sweet little baby!

28 July 2015

Sloan Violet is FOUR!

I cannot believe that I am writing this post. Next year our sweet girl will be getting ready for Kindergarten. Sloan has grown by leaps and bounds this year.

She can spell her name (and write it too) and has gotten much better at writing left to right. She can also spell several words, like "shop", "fox", "stop", "go", "box", "dog" (notice the "O" trend here ? ) but hey, you have to start somewhere.  With help she can spell "shark" and other "a" words, like hat, bat, cat, (though sometimes with a "k"). She can also read a little in her books (i tested her with new books that I know she hasn't had the chance to memorize yet!) I suspect she will be reading comfortably as she enters into kindergarten if not at the first grade level.

Sloan also impressed us this summer by not only participating in swim team, but also competing in three official meets (and one time trial). She swam in three events, Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breast Stroke (though this one needs a bit of work). I think the biggest accomplishment is that she was able to stand on the block, follow directions (Take your Mark) and "dive in" only after the buzzer went off. She even started backstroke holding onto the block! Just a remarkable thing for such a young girl. Sloan also won a medal for "Most Improved" in the 6 and under age group.

The competitive side of me watched her times improve as she competed against mostly 5 and 6 year olds, beating out some of them!

I was also on swim team at a young age, but i was 4.75 whereas Sloan completed her first season at just 3.75. My father tells her she is a much better swimmer than I was at her age and I agree! The best part is that she thoroughly enjoys it. I'm not surprised. This is the child who jumped off the diving board at age 1.75 without any floats and just sort of waited for me to come help her to the side. She is brave in the water! My little mermaid for sure!

She even climbs on and "dives" off the blocks. She is fearless, exhibits confidence, and had a great time doing it. It makes me so proud to see our child excelling at life in all the little things.

Getting ready for Back Stroke

For Sloan's Birthday we drove to the beach for the week, so to celebrate we threw her a SURPRISE party at a place called Pump it Up! The kids were all in on the surprise. Sloan was excited and even said a few times, "Mommy this is the MOST AMAZING birthday EVER" which is sort of what I was going for! She also kept hugging me. She is so appreciative and grateful.

Sloan still eats exceptionally well, she likes to eat raw salmon, salads, any kind of sandwich, most vegetables (sometimes brussels sprouts), and almost all fruit. We still do not drink cow milk in our house and at this point see very little need to drink it. Sloan loves chocolate, but it makes her a little bit too hyper! OR as she will tell you, "Chocolate makes me CRAZY"

Here are some things we have been up to in the last three months:

Dance Recital-

Trip to California which included, Riverside, San Francisco, Muir Woods (redwoods), Stinson Beach, and Lake Tahoe (staying on the Nevada Side).


We also visited Portland Oregon, where we found beautiful fields of flowers to frolic in!

We got her class picture back when we returned from vacation:

And then finally, we went to Charleston for her birthday and spent the week on the beach!

No birthday morning is complete without balloons!

And more cake!

On the drive down to Charleston, Sloan urged me to pray for the children in Syria as we talked about them the previous day. She is very worried about the lost children ("refugees"). It makes me so proud for my daughter to love others, recognize hardship, and long to pray for them (and ultimately help them)

Happy Fourth Birthday to our sweet princess! We love you to pieces and pray for a wonderful amazing fabulous year! We are all so blessed to be a family !