17 December 2014

Sweet P: Six Month Pics

I had to take Piper to get a portrait made in her 6 month dress. My 6 month dress actually. I wasn't thrilled with how they turned out. The photographer was probably using manual settings. But nonetheless I now have a picture of myself and my daughters in the same dress!

This shows Piper's silly side. She definitely has one and it is quickly emerging. I think she was squawking at me :) 

They also had holiday backdrop and so I went ahead and took her picture. The guy operating this camera did a much better job.
This one was my favorite and the next (with cookies) coming in close second 


 Don't you just want to kiss her cute little belly? 

 Finally, I wanted a butterfly shot like Sloans. Again, it was the same lady who took the first pics but they're still pretty cute and now i have them forever. We used my photographer for our holiday pics which i can't wait to share!


For comparison, here is sloan and myself in the same dress. Piper looks a lot like her sister!

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  1. You have another beautiful little girl - healthy and happy. How blessed you are!