03 December 2014

Sweet P: 7 months old!

Time is beyond flying.  I think I say that every post I write. If i don't i should.

 We are keeping so busy with everything, and on top of it, I have a crawler, and not just any type of crawler. This girl is really going places... Around 6.5 months, Piper figured out how to make her knees work and started really crawling! Since she was already sitting herself up, it made it easier for her to try to start climbing and pulling up

She can also climb and tries to pull up on everything.

She is trying VERY hard to stand.
Piper LOVES to play with her big sister. She also makes her likes and dislikes known immediately and prefers her personal space. 
Piper has graduated to a Convertible carseat. Her thighs are just too great for the baby seat. She weighs around 23 pounds and is definitely taller. I would guess she has grown at least an inch since her doctor visit last month. Piper is wearing 12 and 18 month onesies, though the sleeves are a bit long in the 18 months. Her pants are 18-24 months. Some 12 month pants fit her, but she is a bit wide bottomed and we have a hard time getting them on her, especially with the cloth diapers.

Piper celebrated her First Thanksgiving with her grandparents and Great Grandparents. She was able to eat turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans! She loved it!

Piper is still our happy baby always full of smiles, though she is now growing more aware of strangers and "not mommy". Her favorites things are, anything she can put in her mouth, her activity cube, and a dryer ball. She really likes the spiky dryer ball and will be pleasantly surprised when she receives a bunch of sensory balls for Christmas. Piper still loves her Pacifier but doesn't cry too much. At all. Ever :)

We have taken our Christmas photos and I plan to get the cards made and mailed out very soon.

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  1. She is simply adorable. You, my dear, are very blessed.