04 November 2014

Happy Half Birthday to our Sweet P!

Piper is now 6 months old! Just a few days after she turned five months old, her two bottom teeth simultaneously came through the skin! I'll share more Halloween pics soon, but this was just to show the teeth :)

 I expect more to follow since she is constantly gnawing on anything she can fit into her mouth and drools all the time. Her hair is also starting to fill in a bit more. I am sure it will be two years before she really has any hair, but good things come to those who wait right?
Piper is 21 lbs and 10 ounces (99%) (her weight curve is starting to plateau! yay for a moving baby!) She is 27.25" long (93%) and her head is slightly below average :)

Piper rolls both directions quite freely now, so the whole idea of putting her on her back to keep her in one spot is over. Diaper changes occur quickly or she will get away! She doesn't' roll to get places, she still prefers to be on her stomach and scoot. She spends a lot of time rocking on her hands and knees trying to move. She mostly moves backwards, but can lunge forward and fall on her face quite gracefully.

Piper can move around anywhere and can almost sit up by herself (meaning she can move from a crawling to a sitting position without assistance)  I joke that she is my yoga baby as she is constantly doing yoga and pilates poses. Her core must be incredibly strong:

Today she surprised me with this.. I left her on her back. She flipped over and then sat herself up!
 I then moved her to the other part of the room and set her on her tummy and again she does this.
Haha mommy, look what i can do!

Unfortunately, she can't sit by herself for too long (around a minute) and will fall backwards, which sort of hurts her head, but hopefully she learns quickly either how to fall forward or how to stay sitting up?

The cloth diapers have her looking extra fluffy!

Piper has the BEST SMILE and is such a happy baby. Usually a cry from Piper means feed me or put me to bed. She does have a temper and will scream at you if you take something away from her that she wants, but she will learn that it will have no effect on us and hopefully will get over it. She seems to be easily distracted.

Such pretty skin, eyes, and complexion!

Piper has discovered the dog, and she loves her!

She likes to pull the slats in her crib

Piper loves to eat pear sauce so we have been cooking a lot of pears lately. She eats most everything that I give her, but maybe not on the first try. So far that means, Pears, Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Avocado, Sweet Potato, Apples, Bananas, Carrots, and peaches. She isn't too keen on the peaches, but I suddenly realized that they were raw and not cooked peaches so perhaps that's something she needs to wait on. Oops. :) Her pincer grasp is good, she has good motor skills both fine and gross. The kid is a total champion and we are constantly amazed at what a good baby she is. We really expected her to be difficult after having an easy first go at it. (I suspect this is a "break" from the teen years and our time is coming!)

Piper continues to sleep through the night, typically from 7:30PM until around 5-6AM and then goes back to sleep until around 730 when we all get up for the morning, or until whenever Sloan lets us sleep! She is a good napper too. I can put her in the crib when she is tired and just tell her to go to sleep and when i check back in on her minutes later, she is asleep. No crying necessary. Her teachers at school have the same results.

Piper loves being on her tummy. Loves playing with most toys, especially teethers and the Indestructible books. She also likes toys with wheels that she can push and manipulate. They had a cute worm in the classroom but it was older and the paint started chipping off so it had to go. Piper also loves to stare at her sister and likes to touch faces. She laughs and smiles often and likes to make sounds. We are currently trying to teach her "Uh oh", but we are still waiting on a real first word.

Piper is often too busy to sit still and nurse unless we are lying in the dark in bed (like early morning) She has to check out all of her surroundings before she will settle in to nurse and if those surroundings change, she will often pull away to check it out. She has bitten me a few times, but I *hope* we have corrected that problem. The first time I told her we don't bite, she laughed at me, so i had to yelp loudly the second time, which made her cry. I think that sold the message loud and clear.

That's about all going on in Piper's world (tons of changes!!) I expect her to be crawling fairly soon! she does get around quite well!

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