06 October 2014

Sweet P: Five Months Old!

Happy five months to our baby girl! Piper has very pretty eyes and the BEST smile! Her hair seems to be coming in, but I am used to waiting for hair.

Piper is crawling /scooting backwards. She can get up on all fours and then pushes herself backwards. She can go as far as the furniture allows.  She also turns circles and i'm often finding her turned the opposite direction in her bed.

She also does this:

Piper LOVES her big sister and daddy. I often catch her smiling at them trying to get them to interact with her. Piper loves to talk and sing. Sometimes we call her baby Pterodactyl as she squawks.  One of her new "tricks" is dropping a toy, or pushing it out of reach and then screaming because she wants it back. I suspect Piper has a little bit of a temper, but for the most part, she is a patient baby.

Piper likes to do this thing where she rolls to her side and then grab onto her exercise mat. She also enjoys eating anything made of fabric. She loves to suck on her blanket, bibs, socks, and clothes.

Piper weighs 21 lbs and is around 27" long. She is wearing size 12-18m clothing. As of now she is wearing the clothes that Sloan wore after her first birthday.

Piper moving herself off the mat

Rick and Sloan decided to push Piper around in a doll stroller.  At first I was opposed, but they all seemed to enjoy it. It was quite funny.

Piper is as sweet as can be, her teachers LOVE her because she is such a good baby. They are constantly raving about her. She hardly cries.

After a long bike Ride

ha i'm just joking. This is Sloan's helmet. Piper is not quite ready for riding in the bike trailer yet.

I have started feeding Piper solid food. So far she has tried sweet potato, avocado, and green beans. She has eaten everything. I wanted to start her around 6 months, but I went by her cues. Piper has been watching us eat and really interested in food, so we went ahead and started. I don't feed her every day, but i figure a few extra bites of vegetables at bedtime can't hurt. Her first reactions were a bit typical,
YUCK MOMMY, what IS this ??
 but now she really enjoys eating whatever I place on the spoon or in front of her and can even feed herself small bites of squishy food (because obviously I wouldn't give her anything that could pose a choking hazard)

I have made peaches, mango, carrots and green beans for the freezer.  I really do enjoy making baby food. Especially because last night for dinner, all three of us had green beans and sweet potato. Making the same dinner for everyone is so much easier than making separate meals.

The other morning I overheard Sloan asking, "Piper, do you want a raisin?" How very sweet of her to share, but I then explained to her that just because Piper can eat *some* food doesn't mean she can eat all the food.

Piper is such a joy. The girls adore each other and i'm so grateful that they will grow up with each other. Having a sister is a great thing.


  1. The one in the doll stroller made me chuckle. She is a big girl! What a blessed life you have, Jennifer. You're a lucky, lucky woman.