23 October 2014

Sloan 3.25

Sloan is still our very funny girl. Witty. Her biggest struggle in school is using her inside voice, but she gets that both from of us.
Sloan loves taking care of her baby sister and her dolls. She is so helpful and does her chores daily. Puts away her clean clothes, clears the table after dinner, helps set the table,  serves the food on the plates, can bathe herself and brush her own teeth (though sometimes I do help a little), and can even put herself to bed, though don't let me fool you. Sloan is the QUEEN of procrastination, especially when it comes to bed time.

Sloan LOVES going to church.  The other day I heard her talking to God. I asked her to repeat it. She said "God, i love you love you love you soo much." I then asked her if she wanted Jesus in her heart, to which she replied, "I already have Jesus in my heart".
I hurt my back the other day and Sloan cuddled close to me and prayed for me to feel all better. She really has the biggest heart and is so compassionate.  She and Rick were watching a movie "All  is Lost" with Robert Redford. SPOILER ALERT: At the end, he almost dies and gives up, and she exclaimed, "That's SO SAD". And then just as she was saying this, he was rescued.  She really gets life.

Sloan also LOVES going to school. One day her teachers were talking about vacations and asking the children where they get to go for vacation, and without hesitation, Sloan emphatically answered "I get to go to SCHOOL"!

At school she is learning a lot. She learned about the state of North Carolina. She has science once a month on Fridays. IN August she learned about flowers and their parts and how the bees and butterflies distribute the pollen. In September, she learned about the life cycle with smaller animals eating bigger ones. This month she learned about camouflage. Her teacher told me that Sloan does a great job listening and following along to the lesson whereas some of the 3's have a harder time holding their attention spans. Sloan loves to learn, most of the time. She also loves to play and be silly.

Sloan has a very good memory. She will often remind you of something that you might have told her but then forgot. "Mommy, remember you said after school i could....." Of course she is right and then i will always do as promised.

We spend a LOT of time playing make believe. Sloan likes to make food and soups for us to taste. She will whisper to you "You just pretend to taste it, OK?" She makes banana soup, chocolate soup, alphabet soup, - it's all the same, a bowl or pot, rocks and dirt, and maybe some water. Sometimes it's just a bowl full of air. She will go through the actions of cooking the soup and then serving it.

She also likes to play in the garden. Run up and down the driveway. Sloan likes to let me win. She will tell me she wants to race and then deliberately run behind me in order to let me win. I love that she recognizes that everyone wants to be first some times and that it is ok. Does this mean she isn't competitive? Possibly. But it sure does speak volumes about who she is.

In September, we went to China grove for a family reunion. She also got to ride Great Papaw's tractor which she loves to do!

She also got to see her Papa, and I think she has him around her little finger

Sloan was able to see her cousin Cadence too. They're about the same size now. I think Sloan is leaning on the couch in the picture where she looks smaller. (here are the pics from LAST YEAR and then the previous two years )

She also had bike day at school where the kids ride their bikes around the circle. We brought her big bike for the first go round, but the slope was a bit too scary for her (after having a recent crash in the driveway) so between sessions I drove home to get her little bike.  She recently told me that her friends told her it was a baby bike, and I asked her how that made her feel. She said she didn't care because her bike WAS little and she had fun riding it.  I am so glad this didn't hurt her feelings. She was way too big for her bike, but she felt safe, and that is all that matters.

Sloan is also taking Ballet after school on Thursdays. I will likely sign her up for a real ballet class in November. Ballet is a great foundation for coordination and balance, even if we don't   she doesn't choose to play sports later on.

We are busy preparing for Halloween. Sloan is helping me make her costume this year as she has expressed a desire to learn to sew ! I have let her help me sew a zigzag stitch on a cloth diaper (i.e. burp cloth) and she was very proud. She held it up and asked to if she could do the other side, when i showed her the other side was already done, she found this very cool . If she keeps the interest, she might be getting a small sewing machine this Christmas, though I might wait another year. She is still fairly young.

Sloan's favorite food was broccoli but it is now sushi. She will often ask if we can go eat sushi after school.  I usually go to my favorite place and get it "to go" because I enjoy our living room picnics. We don't eat sushi quite as often as we eat broccoli, but i think both are her favorites. She eats Salmon sashimi the most and sometimes super white tuna (escolar). 

Favorite Snack : Squirrel Apples with peanut butter and raisins. (Swirl apples from the apple peeler/corer)

Favorite tv show:  Daniel Tiger.
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid
Favorite Song:  She said "Let it Go" but she also said, Ariel's Song. Often in the car she sings this part (slightly off key).

What does Sloan want to do when she grows up??  Wash Dishes :) We can't wait!

Sloan's favorite outside activity?
At home it is painting with water on the sidewalk (though she also likes to play in the yard and make believe the area under the low lying tree branches is a house and garage)
At school she loves to swing! Though she comes home with a fair amount of sand in her shoes so I think sandbox is also up there.

Sloan's favorite inside activity?
Painting with Mommy, and Dance Party with Daddy.

Funny Quotes:
Our home is like a MOVIE GATOR.
me: what?
You know a MOVIE E-GATOR
Oh, you mean movie theater :)

Sloan came to my office and I let her help me write her name on her name tag. As i guided her hand to make the letters, I asked her to say them, "S" "One" "O" "A" "N".. I found this quite funny and totally cute. Yes a one and a lower case "L" do look very much the same.

Sloan calls a clock a "tock" and Sophie the giraffe is called "trophie".  She is still "Sloan Biolet Beeman"

Sometimes Sloan will have bad dreams, and will cry out. One night, I went into her room and she said, "I was having a night mare" I hugged her, took her to the bathroom, and then told her, just try to think about puppies and kittens and you can sleep. She thought for a moment and said, "Mommy, some kitties and puppies will BITE me!"  I laughed a little to myself and adjusted, OK Sloan, just think about NICE puppies and kittens.

Sloan is such a sweet compassionate child. She aims to please (most of the time), takes pride in doing her chores and cleaning up after herself, as well as taking care of herself. Her personality takes over the room as she exudes beauty both inside and out. She is confident in herself and cares about others. WE think that Sloan is pretty great. She has a good moral compass and picks up on social cues quite well.

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