17 October 2014

Life Goes on, for now

We are just trudging away, day in and day out. Work/School, sleep, repeat.
Having said that, we are managing to fun here and there. Ok, we have a lot of fun. Every. Single. Day.

Sloan is adjusting to her new classroom quite well, and enjoys her classmates. She has learned a lot of letters and sounds and enjoys reading books with me. At nap time she will read books to herself and it's always very cute to listen in and see her interpretation. Some of the books she has memorized, but others she makes up words based on pictures.

We are busy getting ourselves ready for Halloween! Don't my girls look pretty with red hair and afros?

We spend every other 2nd and 4th Sunday swimming at the indoor pool at my work as these are the only times it is open for Family Swim. (We aim to put Sloan on the swim team next summer even though she will only be 3 for the majority of the season.) We are both quite confident that she will do well and if not, we will not pressure her.
Now that the days are cooler, we like to go to the park for family picnics and let Sloan practice riding her bike, she has actually gotten quite good at it, minus a few scrapes and crashes (still in training wheels). She also has a balance bike, but we are alternating practice with each. Right now she favors her princess bike with streamers and training wheels. This past weekend she took three laps around the track which is a mile (obviously this is not a traditional track) She likes to go "medium" and fast and I'm finding that I have to jog to keep up with her when she goes fast.

We have a bike trailer that holds both girls that we plan to hook up to my bike so that I can start biking with the family. We are not sure when Piper is old enough to come along, but something tells me we should wait for her to crawl and sit up on her own.  It makes me nervous to bring a baby along on a bike ride

I played soccer the other day. It was the first time since I got pregnant with Piper. My touch was amazing, like butter really. The ball stopped exactly where i wanted it to (right at my foot) and my distribution in the short game was spot on.  My long game has a way to go, but that will come once I build up some endurance and strength.  I don't think I'll ever really retire from playing. Not until my legs give out. Needless to say, my teammates were impressed with the fact I had only played 4 times in 4 years. I have been too busy to play, but am anxious to get the rest of this baby weight off. 10 lbs left to go! A fun fact though, I currently weigh less than I did upon entry into college :) Back when i could run two miles in under 14 minutes...

Rick and I went on our first date since Piper has been born last month (yes it seems like that took a while, but it's hard to get this mama to leave her baby's side) and enjoyed a fun evening at Ruth's Chris, his favorite restaurant. It was nice to get away for a few hours alone and laugh and talk. We didn't even mention the kids (much).

a few weeks ago Piper, Sloan and myself fell ill to a cold.  Then Rick got sick. He is such an amazing father and husband and besides working very hard, has also spent his time cooking and cleaning for us as we heal. Lots and lots of sneezing for me. Coughing for the girls. Half a box of tissues gone, you get the idea.

Work is going well. I have been thrown into several computationally difficult projects and am finding that I really do enjoy my job. My degree is coming in handy after all.

We work, we play, we live.  Life goes on. for now.

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