19 September 2014

Weaning a Toddler

This is a bittersweet post that I never got around to writing. It all has to do with weaning Sloan.

Flashback to October 2013. I was 12 weeks pregnant and Sloan was 27 months old. She only nursed in the morning and it wasn't consistent anymore. I was praying that we would be able to stop soon, but I was not going to take it away from her. In light of the life span, nursing an extra year or two really isn't that big of a deal. We were both still reaping the benefits from it, but once I started growing a new baby, it became slightly uncomfortable, and I was already exhausted.

The morning of my PhD defense, Sloan met me at the top of the stairs and asked for milk. We sat there and she tried to nurse, but nothing came out. She looked at me and said, "Mama, it's all-gone". I pulled her close to me and said, i'm sorry baby, i guess it's all done.  She had skipped nursing the previous morning, and my body was working hard on growing another human, the time had come.  Sloan looked at me with her big blue eyes as they filled with tears and cried, "Is it for the baby now?"

I had been preparing her for a new baby. Unsure as to whether or not I would end up tandem nursing at the rate we were going. I was open to it. I was open to anything really, but at this moment, I knew that our journey together had ended, 27 months and 6 days into it, it was done. I felt sad because I knew that she was growing more and more independent, but it was bittersweet.

I looked at her, hugged her tight and reassured her that it wasn't for the baby just yet. That my body was going to rest for a little bit in preparation for the baby. She was satisfied with my reply, hugged me one more time, and went on her merry way. Sloan did try to nurse a few times after that, but I was definitely dried up and then she got to a point where she forgot how to latch. She even tried once after Piper was born, but had no idea how to do it anymore.

 The top picture is the last one taken of Sloan nursing. It was in August 2013.  I sort of knew it was nearly done so i asked Rick to take a picture.

These pictures are from October 25th, 2013, the day she stopped. I think we did pretty good. I have no shame for nursing my toddler. I think she is turning out to be a brilliant little girl.

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  1. Aww, I'm sure that was an emotional time for both of you. :( I've said that I'll nurse D through the end of the year, he'll be 18th months) but I'm hoping it happens on his time. I think it's awesome that you were able to do it as long as you did!