19 September 2014

Weaning a Toddler

This is a bittersweet post that I never got around to writing. It all has to do with weaning Sloan.

Flashback to October 2013. I was 12 weeks pregnant and Sloan was 27 months old. She only nursed in the morning and it wasn't consistent anymore. I was praying that we would be able to stop soon, but I was not going to take it away from her. In light of the life span, nursing an extra year or two really isn't that big of a deal. We were both still reaping the benefits from it, but once I started growing a new baby, it became slightly uncomfortable, and I was already exhausted.

The morning of my PhD defense, Sloan met me at the top of the stairs and asked for milk. We sat there and she tried to nurse, but nothing came out. She looked at me and said, "Mama, it's all-gone". I pulled her close to me and said, i'm sorry baby, i guess it's all done.  She had skipped nursing the previous morning, and my body was working hard on growing another human, the time had come.  Sloan looked at me with her big blue eyes as they filled with tears and cried, "Is it for the baby now?"

I had been preparing her for a new baby. Unsure as to whether or not I would end up tandem nursing at the rate we were going. I was open to it. I was open to anything really, but at this moment, I knew that our journey together had ended, 27 months and 6 days into it, it was done. I felt sad because I knew that she was growing more and more independent, but it was bittersweet.

I looked at her, hugged her tight and reassured her that it wasn't for the baby just yet. That my body was going to rest for a little bit in preparation for the baby. She was satisfied with my reply, hugged me one more time, and went on her merry way. Sloan did try to nurse a few times after that, but I was definitely dried up and then she got to a point where she forgot how to latch. She even tried once after Piper was born, but had no idea how to do it anymore.

 The top picture is the last one taken of Sloan nursing. It was in August 2013.  I sort of knew it was nearly done so i asked Rick to take a picture.

These pictures are from October 25th, 2013, the day she stopped. I think we did pretty good. I have no shame for nursing my toddler. I think she is turning out to be a brilliant little girl.

05 September 2014

Sweet P: 4 months old!

Piper is now four months old, time is still flying!

First the stats:
Piper weighs 19lbs and 9oz and thus is in the 99% for weight. She is actually starting to slow down a bit on the weight gain. She is 26" long and is in the 96% for length. Her head is average sized.

Her teeth have not come in, though i think they are close, but she continues to gnaw away at her hands, or whatever else she can get in her mouth. Sometimes I find her holding her pacifier just on the edge of her mouth so she can chew on it. The other day she was sitting on my lap at dinner time and she reached for (and eventually grabbed) a pork chop off my plate.  Wasn't sure what to do with it, but it was pretty cute.

Speaking of hands, Piper has definitely discovered her hands and is quickly mastering the use of them. She can make her pop-up toy work, except for the orange one that has to twist. She even bops the guys back down again.

Piper LOVES captain calamari and he is usually my go-to when i need to entertain her.

Piper is wearing 9-12 month clothing, though some of the 9 month stuff is getting tight. Her pajamas range from 6-12 months. Hopefully when the weather cools we can find enough stuff for her to wear from our hand me downs, though i'm fairly certain she will be just fine. She is in size 3 and 4 diapers, but we are switching to cloth now as I have discovered her daycare will now cloth diaper! How awesome is that! Plus it helps me stay on top of laundry to have to toss a load in every day.

Piper says a lot of sounds. The other day I swear she said "I LOVE YOU" in the way Sloan used to say it, but I won't chalk it up as a word/phrase just yet. She does lie in bed and say mamamama. She also makes sounds that sound like dada and go. The point is, she can make several consonant sounds. She will be talking before we know it.

Piper doesn't scoot across her belly as much lately since she is busy with her hands.
These are from last month. Her legs are very strong.

Sometimes Piper will turn in circles on her stomach and when she is on her back she will push backwards. Just yesterday, Piper started doing mini-pushups to move her body over. So she would see something and I noticed she would push her upper body up and then lean over to shift her weight to the side. She is an amazing little girl. So strong!

We had Piper's baby dedication at our church a few weeks ago

Mimi and papa came to visit too!

Piper's hair is coming in blonder and blonder, her eyes are getting bluer, and her dimples are to die for. She has the best disposition. Hardly cries, like ever. Unless she is hungry or tired and even then, she is patient and waits. Even with shots she cried this time about 2 seconds, i didn't even have to comfort nurse her, she just took it and went with it. She still sleeps from 8pm to 5am almost every night, sometimes she wakes at 445, and sometimes at 6, but I am getting plenty of rest. Piper enjoys the bath and the pool, drinks her bottles well at school, loves to be held and cuddled, likes her exersaucer, but still isn't sure about the dog.

Piper really likes to sit up or be on her tummy (though she will roll over quickly). She LOVES to watch big sister play and read to her (Sloan has memorized most of the books and will read to her when i'm busy cooking or getting dressed) She also likes to grab hair now and this is one thing Big sister is not very excited about. I didn't think we would ever get a baby any sweeter than Sloan, but have to admit, once again, we have such a wonderful baby, just as sweet. We are constantly complemented on how well she behaves (because she just doesn't fuss), how sweet she is, how adorable (and doll like) she is, etc. I don't think I can explain how it happens, but know that God has really blessed us once again. At this rate, I don't think i'll ever want to stop having babies! Can you blame me?