13 August 2014

Hi-ho Hi-ho!

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go... (did you whistle too?)

I started back to work on Monday after 14 weeks off! I can't complain about the amount of time I had to spend with my little baby girl. I came back and worked 2 half days and rather than a third half day as planned, I decided I would just throw myself into work full time today. I am more of a rip the bandaid off kind of person. 

Piper isn't sure what to think about starting school.

It is an adjustment and I do really miss my baby girl(s), but we have to do what we have to do don't we? Such is life.

Piper is doing great. She cried her first day, but once they realized how well she would sleep in a swaddle, she is doing much better. Lucky for me (sarcasm alert) a bout of hand foot mouth is going around the daycare center AGAIN. (it went around while I was on leave, but Sloan was out on vacation so she didn't catch it nor did she bring it home to Piper)

Sloan moves up to the Montessori Preschool, "Children's House", next week. I am very excited for her, but also a little sad. My first baby is growing up too quickly, and is even sporting a new haircut!  I made this dress for her, and a matching one for Piper.


I had a great summer. We traveled, rested, cleaned, etc..  I donated TONS of clothes to charity. I have furniture to donate soon, once i get around to transporting it. I also found I had time to make dresses for the girls. What better way to match my little girls than to make the dresses myself. Sloan LOVES to dress like Piper and for now, Piper has no preference :)

This is my favorite dress thus far and I could hardly get her to hold still for all the spinning. It was an easy pattern to follow (typically I make my own patterns). I sure do love sewing and making clothes for the girls. I think I will try to make a few things for myself this fall!

and totally reversible:

I was able to make a matching set of pink polka dot with green ric-rac for the little girls of a dear friend of mine.  Aren't they adorable?

I also made all the mermaid tails for Sloan's party, the photo booth, my own mermaid skirt, a skirt for Sloan

For now, this is what gets me through the day:

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  1. Love that you're putting your talents to work! It really is a fun and relaxing thing to do. Your girls are beautiful and so blessed to have you as their mom. I am only a little prejudiced!