21 May 2014

Our Sweet Pea - The first two weeks

Here's a little about sweet baby Piper.

She is a big girl, but she holds her size well. She has a cute little head and fat little cheeks that she has rapidly grown into. Her dimples seem to be more deep set and pronounced than her big sisters.  She has cute little ears and for now, her eyes are blue, very very blue.

The first 12 nights, Piper slept AMAZING! I'm talking 9/10pm - 2:30 am and then I had to wake her around 7am. Last Thursday was Pipers due date and she decided to stay awake all day and eat. She slept "ok" last night but I think if i learned anything with Sloan, it's that the only thing you can count on with a newborn is that things will constantly change.  Once you think you have it all figured out, it will change.

We will take it in stride and see how it goes.

Piper has blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. Her hair is a very light brown and she has a LOT more hair than Sloan did. Which doesn't say much, but perhaps she will be able to wear hair bows before she turns 2!

At her two week appointment, Piper was 9lbs  8oz and 22" long. She is in the 99%ile for length and 85% for weight. I expect her to taper down a bit after the first year, but being born so big does have benefits. Neither Rick or myself are very tall, so we doubt she will be huge, but you just never know. We both have tall family members and neither of us are "short" just slightly above average.

Piper only wore one newborn sized diaper, when she was first born, but it was so tight on her so the nurses grabbed me a bag of size 1s. Her newborn clothes hardly fit either so we quickly moved to size 3 month outfits.

Sloan is a great big sister and is very helpful. She adores baby Piper and loves to hold her, kiss her, and hold her hand. I plan to post more pictures soon.

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