08 April 2014

The Magical World of Disney: Characters

We went to Disney world in February for a day. It was a quick trip and next time we would plan to go for longer, but it was one of those things, life presented an opportunity and we decided to capitalize. We had a fabulous time, but Sloan was not quite ready for these life sized characters. do you blame her? they are huge!

I present, Sloan and the Disney Characters.

First we met Mickey Mouse. Sloan liked him, but not when it came to her turn to see him up close.

She couldn't look at him

After a few rides, we decided to test out Ariel. Sloan seemed to be getting braver and The Little Mermaid is her FAVORITE! Also I thought, not a costume, just a person, maybe it will be better. She at least took a peak under her hands.

While she did peek through her hands, but she didn't really want to look at her.

We sort of gave up for a while and rode more rides, had lunch, the usual. Sloan LOVES roller coasters which is great because so do we! I'll post more on that another time.  Next we met Donald and Goofy. Sloan kept telling us she wanted to hug goofy. But i think in her mind it looked more like this:  OR this 

And less like this:

Peek-a-Boo Donald!

Still not thrilled to be that close to him!

After the fireworks we went to see Tinkerbell. We had just seen her fly over the Magic Kingdom Castle so we knew she would be in her home waiting for us to come see her.

First we met Rosetta. Sloan was aprehensive, but very into touching her roses...

And then the big moment arrived; Sloan met Tinker Bell, who shared her crayon with her.

They even made funny faces together and I THINK they are touching here! We had some success!

Afterwards, we rode the Goofy Roller coaster a few times in a row and then went to meet Minnie and Daisy Duck before leaving the park.

Finally Sloan gets to meet Minnie mouse! She loved her outfit!

Touched her crown!

And gave us some goofy grins. Not bad for 10pm after a full day at Disney with no nap!

I think our next trip to Disney will show much more success with meeting the characters. At least for half of our girls :)

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