21 April 2014

Sloan : 2.75 going on 12!

People talk about the terrible twos, but the truth of the matter is, the twos are WONDERFUL. It's the threes that will get you. I have heard it from everyone and even experienced it myself in my early years of child care and Sunday school instruction. I always loved the 2's, but I am starting to notice that I don't really have a 2 year old anymore. She's more like 2 going on 12. Full of sass and sarcasm. She is really testing her limits, and that is okay. We are here to make sure she knows them and to help her to feel safe within those limits.

I love when she asks for something she knows she cannot have and when i tell her no she will ask again, put her hands on her face, bat her eyes, and smile at me. Where does she get this stuff? I think she melts her daddy's heart, but we are both fairly consistent on letting no mean no, no matter what, though I do like to teach her about God being a God of second chances and that means sometimes Sloan also gets a second chance.
For example, the other day, Sloan used an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet which she knows she is not allowed to do. I took something from her as a lesson ( a privilege nothing tangible) and she asked if she could try again, and proceeded to try to use the potty again, and this time with only a few squares. It was pretty entertaining watching her try to squeeze something out after having just gone. I couldn't help but tell her she could have a second chance and I was proud of her for having a repentant heart.

We are working on letters and numbers. Sloan has some foam bathtub letters and numbers she plays with. She knows "S" for sure and sometimes other ones but nothing too consistent though she does often surprise me.  The other night she grabbed the number 6 (to be honest i could have been a 9, but the way she held it, it was a six)  "Which letter is this mommy? " Oh that's a NUMBER, the number six. "Oh, six. Ok. What starts with six?" um, 6-hundred? 6, i don't know. It's a number, Numbers are for counting like 1-2-3-4-5-6... "Is it Ellie's number?"  No, it's not. I'm not sure whose number six is.

Bless her for trying so hard to understand. We don't do number and letter drills. She knows what the numbers 1-4 look like most of the time. "2" is her number as she will proclaim, at least for a little while longer.

Sloan can recite prayers and songs and is quite the performer. She likes to sing for Rick and I and can really belt out some songs. She also likes to be silly and make us laugh and will make up songs, sometimes with made up words. She still manages to carry a tune.

My favorite "joke" that she has made up, Mommy, do alligators like Crayons or Peeka? I don't know
Sloan, What is PEEKA? She covers her face and then says, PEEK-A-BOO! Totally cute and I captured it on film the first time she did it. You can ask her what peeka is any time and she will do it again.



Food: Broccoli is still her favorite food. She also likes pepperoni, bacon, chicken, quinoa, salad, berries, most fruit, green beans, and SUSHI! She doesn't like the generic, "California Roll" but rather Salmon Nigiri (my favorite). When i get sushi, I will get her a few pieces, a bowl of rice and a side of broccoli. She LOVES it. She also likes salt (thanks to the Beemans) and potatoes. But who doesn't? Sloan still prefers the healthy stuff. I tried to give her chicken nuggets one day and she just sort of looked at them. She picks at fries rather than devouring them first in a meal. She really is a dream child as far as her diet goes and I would like to think I had a lot to do with that, with her daddy's help of course! He tried to take her to McDonalds one rainy day to play on the indoor playground and she said, "NO daddy, McDonalds has Chemicals in it" She makes me so proud to be her mommy! She doesn't really care for Pizza, which turns out, is a good thing because our sweet girl broke out in head to toe hives the other day after some yogurt and ice cream. She knows that milk will make her skin itch. Poor thing! Fortunately we don't drink milk in our house.  She LOVES to eat kale straight from the garden. (we have a few plants in the front yard where we get full sunlight) Sloan will go pick the kale and eat it.

Self Care: Sloan can dress herself from head to toe, though her shoes MIGHT be on the wrong foot. She can brush her own teeth adequately (though I might help get the back ones an extra time). She likes to brush her hair and wear hair bows in lieu of getting a hair cut.

Chores: Sloan helps me put away laundry and knows where all of her clothes go, which means I will sort her laundry and hand her stacks and she will put them away. She also helps empty the dishwasher and put wet clothes into the dryer. It might take a little more time when she helps, but we are building character and work ethic here. She picks up after herself and puts her toys away (most of the time). Sloan also helps us clear the table and sometimes I give her breakable things to carry to the sink. If it breaks it breaks, it's just stuff. Again, we are developing character here and "stuff" is just stuff. No need to sweat it. Things can always be replaced.

Movies: The Little Mermaid is her favorite movie and coming in at a close second is Frozen. You might even say both are her favorites. Sloan loves to watch movies. She likes Tarzan, Finding Nemo, The Lion King,  Her favorite character is Ariel of course.

Color: Her favorite color is Purple because it is her name (Sloan Violet), BUT she really likes the color blue too. Sloan knows all of her colors and likes to match things. She will grab something and tell me what it will match. A budding fashionista or designer??  She obviously knows all of her colors and shapes at this point.

Songs: Part of your World, Let it Go, Under the Sea, Build a Snowman. She still likes kid songs and anything we listen to with a good beat.

Activities and Milestones:  Sloan can SWIM! I feel safe if she falls into a pool. Would i throw her into the middle of a large pool? probably not, but I am certain she will know what to do if she fell off the side into the pool, and actually, she doesnt' have a panic mode. She was swimming the other day and went to reach for a float and it slipped away from her, She didn't panic, she just went under it and swam to the wall. And of course I just watched because I wanted to see how she would react rather than bail her out immediately.

Sloan has an active imagination. She plays with her baby dolls and kitchen regularly. She likes to feed me and make me pretend I am the baby and she is the mommy. We like to go outdoors and run around and play. She likes the sandbox and playing in the water. She also likes the playground, swinging and sliding. Trying to climb trees (she is getting close). Climbing fences. The merry go round is her all time favorite playground "toy" at school. She loves getting dizzy. We read a LOT of books and she memorizes the words and can read several of them to me. Sloan knows that "metamorphosis" means change, and specifically when a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. I taught her the word while reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar and she hasn't forgotten it.

 when she finds candy on the floor she will bring it to me and ASK before eating it rather than sneaking off to shove it into her mouth. Not that we have candy lying around the floor all the time, but you never know when a chocolate chip might escape the counter top when baking.

Playing CHASE!

Sloan is so full of Personality and life! She brings joy to our hearts and always seems to be striving to make us laugh. She loves when Rick and I show affection towards one another, and will make sure we hug and kiss goodbye if one of us is leaving.

Sloan is thoughtful and caring. She is very good at sharing everything and follows directions quite well.




I guess pretty tresses like these just take time.

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  1. She is just precious and beautiful! No way this little girl gives you sass. :) (Ha! We're right there too...)