10 April 2014

Crafty Take 2

I have mentioned countless times in this blog that I have to finish Sloan's other curtain for her bedroom. Well a few weeks ago (in March) I did just that:

The second one came out much better than the first. I'll chalk that up to the many hours of practice I have had in between. Sloan was THRILLED. Behind her is the first one i finished last year... The second one is more even, fuller, you name it. But will i re-do the first one again? Not a chance. I do plan to add some blackout fabric to the back of them to make sure the room stays dark, but nap times will likely dwindle for this little one soon enough!

I still have so many more things to finish for Sloans room. Pictures, frames and the like, but it has really come together nicely.

The baby got a new dresser for her room. I finished the drawer fronts with chevron fabric and mod podge. Super easy to do.. In hindsight i probably could have used a wider chevron design, but it still turned out cute. I added pink knobs. i still have to paint the edges of the dresser, but for now, it is fine just the way it is.. Baby girl will have a pink and grey room with a few elephants here and there. I plan to make an elephant quilt for her (with my grandmother's help) but that doesn't have to come until after she gets here.  Never mind the porcelain doll in the corner by the dresser. My grandmother made that for me so that i'll never forget when I had my tonsils removed at age 16. Well I haven't forgotten, nor have i forgotten the doll. She made it from scratch. I don't really know what to do with it, so usually it sits in the closet. I'm not a china doll type of gal, but i love my family. The walls of the nursery will stay blue. The color is Drizzle and it's very calming. Plus if we have a boy in the future (you just never know), he will have blue walls!

I plan to make a few pillows for my new upholstered glider (to be delivered in 8-12 weeks - oops), a changing table cover, and a car seat canopy. I saw one I liked on Zulily, but for the price, I could make 10. Ok maybe not 10, but several. So I think i'll get out my machine and get to work on it this weekend. Grey chevron on one side and minky dot pink on the other. I am very excited to get back to sewing!

Now on to making some more stuff for the baby.  Did i mention her name to you yet? :)


  1. Cute!! I love the curtains and even looked at attempting it myself. But, I know nothing about sewing so a friend did it and we've used it for Chloe's two birthday parties as a backdrop and I'm going to use it again for Drake's birthday. I think it'd be cute as a comforter too, maybe over a guest bed that's rarely used. I love grey and pink together and think the dresser looks adorable!!

    1. Oh that's a great idea! maybe i can use them for a backdrop for a newborn photo shoot next month!