25 April 2014

Baby Bee #2: 37 weeks pregnant

This is the most pregnant I have ever been! I was induced at exactly 37 weeks with Sloan Violet (and she was a whopping 7lbs 9oz)

Baby's Size: 
At my appointment on Tuesday, the doctor guessed that the baby is already 8lbs. This is at 37 weeks. 
We will have an ultrasound on Monday morning to measure. These are pretty accurate, at least it was with 
Sloan.  Sloan was 7lbs and 9oz at 37 weeks. I am now 37w1d. This baby is bigger than Sloan. I can feel that. She also has measured ahead. We will know monday morning!

Biggest ChallengesGroin pain. Is that TMI? I have a numbing pain going through my pelvic region/groin. I think the baby is engaging. Labor can't be too far off. Is it too much to ask her to wait until May?

Cravings:  Sloan's easter candy :)

Movement:  It feels like she is trying to escape. Pushing off of me and digging her head in. I told you, she's engaging.

Sleep:  Back to not sleeping too well. I feel OK though. Just ready.

What I Miss: I miss being able to walk without having contractions or pain in my pelvis. I told you, the end is near.

What i LOVE:  I love these last few moments I have with Sloan as an only child and with Rick as a little family of three. We are trying to make her feel very important because the end is near for her too.

Milestone:  As of 36w5d I am 1cm dilated but only 25% effaced. Labor is near. I bet this has changed by my next appt at 37w4d. I can't wait! Also the ladies at church are throwing a little shower for me this weekend. I am excited about that! I have to finish up my nursery. I plan to hang the letters this weekend!  I'll post all the stuff i've made for her soon. I have more to make, but it will likely have to wait for my leave.
Emotions:  Happy. Tired. A little on edge, but doing good so far.

Maternity Clothes: Several of my tops are too short to cover my stomach. I am sticking to dresses and long tunics or a little belly showing here and there.

It won't be long

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