03 April 2014

Baby Bee #2: 32 - 33 weeks pregnant

Today I am officially 34 weeks! I will get another ultrasound around 38 weeks to check on the size.

Baby's Size: 
Baby is about 4.75lbs, the size of a canteloupe and 18 inches long!
Biggest ChallengesRolling out of bed! Just kidding. I am slightly off balance when I do things like squatting down to grab something. I am finding that it is easier to just sit my rear on the ground than it is to try to squat and balance (like doing laundry or dishes) Actually I just let Rick empty the bottom of the dishwasher No need for me to get down that low!

Cravings: Nothing at the moment. That can change with the wind though. I am actually quite full all the time. Until the baby drops, I don't expect that to change. 

Movement: Still very active but starting to slow down a bit. She is head down and we often feel her butt in my ribs. Sloan likes to touch her baby sister and give her kisses.

Sleep: Today is probably not a good day to answer this. I am sleeping relatively well, but I have been sick (AGAIN!) and that has impacted my sleep. I guess I better get used to waking through the night. It will only get worse!

What I Miss: MY clothes and I miss my body a little bit. Not too much longer now. I also miss being able to eat a meal without heartburn. Seriously the healthy stuff gives it to me just as bad. I also miss riding the bike with Rick and Sloan. Not that I would go 30 miles with them, but i'm too nervous to get on the bike at all. Maybe soon!

What i LOVE:  I am still not gaining a ton of weight and that makes me so happy! Healthy Eating 101. I eat what i want, but i want to eat healthy. I KNOW that cutting out the processed junk has made the biggest difference. I am 20 lbs under what i was at 34 weeks last pregnancy! Hard to believe huh? 20 lbs! wow! I was retaining a lot of water last time, but i also am a changed woman! It's amazing how what you put INTO your body affects it so much more than how much work you expel (i.e. exercise)...

Milestone: Just plugging away at little things we need to get done before the baby comes. A little spring cleaning. Nothing Major. Baby is head won though and that is very nice to know. It should help with delivery as long as she stays that way! 

Emotions:  Calm. Excited. Anxious. The usual pre-baby feelings. I'm mostly excited to snuggle my new baby and watch Sloan and Rick dote on her. We are such a great family and I am so excited to have 2 little girls! We haven't completely decided if we are done having children or not after this one arrives, and fortunately we don't have to decide any time soon. I wouldn't mind a set of little boys, but I'm not sure. It wouldn't be prudent to decide such a thing at the end of one's pregnancy anyways so for now it has been tabled, but we are open to whatever God has in store for us! Here's a picture of Sloan to fill your heart....

Maternity Clothes:  Some of my tops are getting too short. I am definitely more belly this time. Starting to haul out my summer maternity stuff, it won't be long now!

32 weeks pregnant:

33w6d weeks pregnant below: NEVERMIND the face and hair.... I have had the WORST case of pink eye for a week so makeup hasn't touched me and yes i took yet another bathroom selfie. Who else is gonna take my belly shots when i get the urge to post them here? :)

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