04 March 2014

Sew Busy: Getting crafty!

I think nesting has taken the form of sewing for me. Here are a few of the things I have made in the last few weeks. I am not allowed to sew anything else until I finish making Sloan's second ruffle curtain. It should take me 2 weeks if i can manage to do a ruffle a day. Time shall tell:

Here are three skirts i made. Sloan got a lot of compliments on her minnie mouse skirt at Disney world. Probably because nobody else had one. Sure there were the costumes that you could tell came from the Disney store with a minnie mouse broach, but this was a one of a kind skirt she had! And so easy to make, i think it took about a half hour.

Super Simple to make!
This one is a bit longer than the first two, but I suppose she can grow into it. Did i mention that Sloan can dress herself. Socks and shoes included, can you tell?

And last but not least, yesterday I made an Ariel tote bag. It is perfect toddler size. The straps aren't centered perfectly, but I think it came out just fine considering it was my design, inspired by this.

Of course now that I have really gotten the dust out of my machine, i think I will start working on more home things. Like cute box valence for my kitchen windows and nice flowy curtains for my living room

Here is the curtain I made for Sloan's room, inspired by THIS. But if you check the price, mine are a steal at about $8/curtain. If only I had anticipated the time involved. Also the PB ones are blackout, and I aspire to add a blackout backing to it once I'm done to inspire lengthy nap time.

Oh yes, HOW could i forgot. I also made these. The bird dress was from a pattern and I sort of winged it but it was my first clothing item for Sloan this year. Not perfect, but pretty cute nonetheless.

A hairbow board!

And this Tinkerbelle Dress. I wanted to do ribbon ties for the top but i knew it would be harder to keep tied and on her, so i went with a simple ribbon strap.
Miss Personality herself...

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