14 March 2014

Baby Bee #2: 30 - 31 weeks pregnant

Only 9 weeks to go! I think it will be less. Sloan came at 37 weeks and I am 31 weeks and one day today! Wow! i can't believe that I am almost done! I have so much to do!

Baby's Size: 4 lbs. 17 " long. I still guess she is bigger!

Biggest Challenges: Comfort? Sleeping through the night? all in all i'm ok and not struggling with too much this go round. I think my biggest challenge is self control - i.e. people at work telling me how large my stomach is and asking how many "DAYS" i have left... seriously, i could punch  smack someone silly. I have 62 DAYS until my actual due date. I don't think that is the answer they are looking for. 

Cravings: I like candy :)  Lately we have been eating ice cream and healthy smoothies. I could really use some space in my stomach. I can't really eat a ton, which is ok with me.

Movement:  I still think I am having a baby ninja... She is not head down and still flipping around . Sloan was head down and starting to engage by 28 weeks. I am now 31w1d and this one has not dropped. I know I have time but it feels good to know you'll have a normal delivery. I am doing some spinning babies exercises to try to get her to swim towards the exit. Eh, there's still time, but if she drops soon I won't complain! This baby girl has some painful kicks and movements. Sloan wasn't like this. 

Sleep: I am actually sleeping better. Prayer and exhaustion will do that! Still wake up to use the restroom a few times, but that is all par for the course at this point.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach. Not getting kicked in the ribs. Bending over :)

What i LOVE:  I love that we finally decided on a middle name. It was inspired by Rick's dad's real first name and after bouncing around 100 different ideas we like the class and sophistication of it, so it has stuck...

Milestone:  Baby girl has a name (we think) !  I have gained less weight this time around than the first one (i'm at about 20 lbs if you discount the first 5 i gained during the completion of my dissertation - late nights and lots of coke ! (coca-cola people!)

Emotions:  Excited! Ready to meet my baby girl. 

Maternity Clothes:  Spring is nearly here! i have been able to wear some dresses and flip flops! Praise God! I love my dresses, even if that means they make me look a bit larger because they are not super fitted. i love warm weather! 

And now for some pictures:
Yes, this is taken in my half bathroom  - We have a lovely super size post it note painting by Sloan we hung there.  This is 31 weeks exactly. I don't look too horrible...

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  1. You look adorable!! Can't believe you are down to single digits in number of weeks remaining!