28 February 2014

Baby Bee #2: 28-29 weeks pregnant

Less than 11 weeks to go!!

This has been my most challenging "two weeks" yet. First of all, lets start from 27w1d (or Feb 14th). Here is what we had to encounter for the second time this winter. More Snow: We got about 4-5" on the 12th of Feb and it stuck around until the 14th.  We lost power for a few hours on the 13th so I decided to go outside and shovel the driveway. Not a good idea. Rick, of course, stopped me once he saw what i was doing. Rick shoveled the heavy snow on Wednesday before sunset and then spread out de-icer. I then merely scraped the ice off so it wasn't that bad, or so i thought. But by Friday night I was in a LOT of pain in my lower back. Lesson Learned.


Baby's Size: Since today I am 29w1d, Baby Bee is around 2.5-3lbs and around 15.5" long. 

Biggest Challenges: I am having a LOT of Braxton Hicks Contractions. And I'm cold. I am tired of this long cold winter. 2 snow storms, three snow falls, i'm over it. So over it, in fact, that we took off as soon as the snow melted for warmer climates! More on that Later.

Cravings: Hibachi food. Sambal on everything. Crunchy Green Beans. Healthy Food.

Movement:  I think I am having a baby ninja...

Sleep: I think i am at the point of exhaustion because I am sleeping better. Last week this was not the case, but I slept in 6 different beds in 7 nights.

What I Miss:  Is it Spring yet? I miss the sun and being able to go outdoors! I really thought being pregnant in the winter would mean that I would be warm all the time despite this cold. I'm not and if we have any more children, I might even shoot for early June next go round ;)

What i LOVE: I still feel pretty great over all. I love my curves and I love our little family! I am so excited to meet our next child.  

Milestone:  I would say surviving a 14 hour day at Magic Kingdom and riding the tea cups and a "junior" roller coaster TWICE.  Rick and I also went on a mini "baby moon" thanks to my sister for taking Sloan for the night!

Emotions: Happy. Excited. Anxious and a little nervous!

Maternity Clothes:  same as before. anxious to wear flip flops and Sun dresses with cardigans. This cold weather needs to go. Have I mentioned that yet? 

28weeks in these photos. I think all that walking around Disney made my belly pop! I definitely grew! Probably time to go get my hair done again :)

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