28 February 2014

Baby Bee #2: 26-27 weeks pregnant

Have you noticed the theme? 2 weeks at a time. They are just flying by! Only 13 to go. Less for good behavior!  This one comes a bit late (since I am now 29 weeks and a day, so i'll update the next one soon) pretend this was posted two weeks ago.
This picture is from about 26 weeks
Baby's Size: Baby Bee is around 2 lbs and 14.5 inches long! 

Biggest Challenges: Finding enough time in the day. I can still tie my shoes but it is getting difficult. I think the biggest issue i really have is going to the bathroom all the time. No seriously. ALL. THE. TIME.

Cravings: I feel like i'm constantly hungry. I crave sushi and eat salmon nigiri at times (Sloan turned out fine didn't she?)  I eat a lot of baby carrots and hummus, cucumbers, cashews and almonds. And Sambal. Oh MY! i am in love with spicy food (that hasn't changed!)

Movement: Very active. She is transverse, but constantly flipping around.

Sleep: Not very comfortable anymore... I am constantly tossing and turning in the night to find a good spot and am up frequently to use the restroom.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping all night. Having a huge bladder. Energy (though it does come in spurts).

What i LOVE: I feel great for the most part. I have been super crafty the last few days and made some adorable burp cloths and an even cuter skirt for Sloan.  I am also baking up a storm. I need to get back to nesting again. I organized the baby's room and clothes and need to take down Sloan's letters and put hers up.  I should really finish that other curtain for Sloan. 

Milestone:  I made a nursing shawl

Emotions: Happy. Excited. Anxious and a little nervous!

Maternity Clothes: dresses and leggings or jeans, Lots of accessories. I think I am looking pretty cute these days (hey, you have to work with what you got!) and I am constantly getting compliments on my outfits which makes me feel happy!

I am technically 27w5d in this picture, but such is life. It has already begun (the less photos of the second baby) I just hope when she arrives, we will compensate for that!

What's that behind us you ask? WHY, just the BIGGEST picture of Ariel EVER

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