28 February 2014

Baby Bee #2: 28-29 weeks pregnant

Less than 11 weeks to go!!

This has been my most challenging "two weeks" yet. First of all, lets start from 27w1d (or Feb 14th). Here is what we had to encounter for the second time this winter. More Snow: We got about 4-5" on the 12th of Feb and it stuck around until the 14th.  We lost power for a few hours on the 13th so I decided to go outside and shovel the driveway. Not a good idea. Rick, of course, stopped me once he saw what i was doing. Rick shoveled the heavy snow on Wednesday before sunset and then spread out de-icer. I then merely scraped the ice off so it wasn't that bad, or so i thought. But by Friday night I was in a LOT of pain in my lower back. Lesson Learned.


Baby's Size: Since today I am 29w1d, Baby Bee is around 2.5-3lbs and around 15.5" long. 

Biggest Challenges: I am having a LOT of Braxton Hicks Contractions. And I'm cold. I am tired of this long cold winter. 2 snow storms, three snow falls, i'm over it. So over it, in fact, that we took off as soon as the snow melted for warmer climates! More on that Later.

Cravings: Hibachi food. Sambal on everything. Crunchy Green Beans. Healthy Food.

Movement:  I think I am having a baby ninja...

Sleep: I think i am at the point of exhaustion because I am sleeping better. Last week this was not the case, but I slept in 6 different beds in 7 nights.

What I Miss:  Is it Spring yet? I miss the sun and being able to go outdoors! I really thought being pregnant in the winter would mean that I would be warm all the time despite this cold. I'm not and if we have any more children, I might even shoot for early June next go round ;)

What i LOVE: I still feel pretty great over all. I love my curves and I love our little family! I am so excited to meet our next child.  

Milestone:  I would say surviving a 14 hour day at Magic Kingdom and riding the tea cups and a "junior" roller coaster TWICE.  Rick and I also went on a mini "baby moon" thanks to my sister for taking Sloan for the night!

Emotions: Happy. Excited. Anxious and a little nervous!

Maternity Clothes:  same as before. anxious to wear flip flops and Sun dresses with cardigans. This cold weather needs to go. Have I mentioned that yet? 

28weeks in these photos. I think all that walking around Disney made my belly pop! I definitely grew! Probably time to go get my hair done again :)

Baby Bee #2: 26-27 weeks pregnant

Have you noticed the theme? 2 weeks at a time. They are just flying by! Only 13 to go. Less for good behavior!  This one comes a bit late (since I am now 29 weeks and a day, so i'll update the next one soon) pretend this was posted two weeks ago.
This picture is from about 26 weeks
Baby's Size: Baby Bee is around 2 lbs and 14.5 inches long! 

Biggest Challenges: Finding enough time in the day. I can still tie my shoes but it is getting difficult. I think the biggest issue i really have is going to the bathroom all the time. No seriously. ALL. THE. TIME.

Cravings: I feel like i'm constantly hungry. I crave sushi and eat salmon nigiri at times (Sloan turned out fine didn't she?)  I eat a lot of baby carrots and hummus, cucumbers, cashews and almonds. And Sambal. Oh MY! i am in love with spicy food (that hasn't changed!)

Movement: Very active. She is transverse, but constantly flipping around.

Sleep: Not very comfortable anymore... I am constantly tossing and turning in the night to find a good spot and am up frequently to use the restroom.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping all night. Having a huge bladder. Energy (though it does come in spurts).

What i LOVE: I feel great for the most part. I have been super crafty the last few days and made some adorable burp cloths and an even cuter skirt for Sloan.  I am also baking up a storm. I need to get back to nesting again. I organized the baby's room and clothes and need to take down Sloan's letters and put hers up.  I should really finish that other curtain for Sloan. 

Milestone:  I made a nursing shawl

Emotions: Happy. Excited. Anxious and a little nervous!

Maternity Clothes: dresses and leggings or jeans, Lots of accessories. I think I am looking pretty cute these days (hey, you have to work with what you got!) and I am constantly getting compliments on my outfits which makes me feel happy!

I am technically 27w5d in this picture, but such is life. It has already begun (the less photos of the second baby) I just hope when she arrives, we will compensate for that!

What's that behind us you ask? WHY, just the BIGGEST picture of Ariel EVER

14 February 2014

PhD Graduation and more!

Ah! The big day finally came. I had so many moments of doubt and disbelief along the way. Completing a PhD at a major university is a daunting task not to be taken lightly.

It all started as a career idea planted by Dr. Johnson, my undergraduate advisor. I applied to three graduate schools in Statistics since a) I was told I would be able to go to school for free b) I was told that i would get PAID to get my degree and c) I had a math degree with no real work experience aside from tutoring all levels of math (grades 1 - college level). I had no other plans, so i figured going from zero income to some income and getting a degree or two along the way wasn't a bad idea. I knew for certain that I didn't want to be a high school teacher for many reasons I have mentioned before. The career would come. I was accepted into UCLA, Colorado State, and NCSU, and decided upon the latter since it was the alma matter of my entire family (mom, dad, uncles, sister....)  Plus they were the only school to offer me a stipend immediately, so the idea of monthly income, and free tuition and health care wasn't too shabby. I made out pretty good and was able to afford my own apartment and support myself comfortably. I ended up paying for the last 13 semesters out of 21 BUT was finished with my course work so it was only one credit hour. I still made more money in a year on stipend then i spent on tuition.

Brief timeline:
2002 - (Fall) graduate school began.
2003 - (summer) Masters Exam and Phd Qualifiers taken and passed.
2004 - (spring) Masters Oral Exam Passed
2004 - (spring) Graduation - master's degree
2004 - Summer internship turns to part time job with GSK pharmaceuticals
2005 - Summer internship with SAS turns to part time job
2005 - (summer) Written Preliminary Exam passed
2006 - completed course work end of Spring semester
2006 - (August) offered full time job with SAS, ending school stipend and free tuition.
2006-current : working full time at SAS while actively enrolled for one credit hour per semester
2011 - (Fall), one year leave of absence for maternity leave
2012 - Summer: Oral Preliminary Exam - conditional Pass!
2012 - (Fall), re-enroll
2013 - (Fall): Last. Semester. Ever!
2013 - October - PhD Defense - UNCONDITIONAL PASS!

Background:  You have 10 years from the point of entry (which began the semester after i finished my Master's degree) to complete the program. AND you have to be actively enrolled, EVERY. SINGLE. SEMESTER.  Fortunately I found out I could take a leave of absence and when miss Sloan came, i took a year off.

I am grateful that my undergraduate advisor encouraged me to pursue more education and was connected enough to know what it would take to get me "paid" for doing so.

Yes, it took me 9.5 years from the time i graduated with my Masters degree, BUT i did a LOT of living in that time, and traveling. Purchased two homes. Visited 12 different countries. 

Finally, after all that playing around, and err, hard work, the big moment arrived! i convinced my committee that I was done, I defended my paper, and i passed. 

I wasn't sure if i wanted to walk across the stage but i'm sure glad that i did. It was quite nostalgic and I worked pretty dang hard for it. 


My in-laws flew in from California to celebrate with us! it was great! My parents of course drove up for the ceremony. We all had a great time. Dad and Sloan presented me with flowers after the main ceremony, he let her pick them out.

I thought it was cool that I was sitting under the NCSU scoreboard
Being a Beeman, i was on the front row! After years of suffering at the end of the line as a "Sloan", it was nice to get called on first.
Here is my view of Rick and Sloan and my mom. They are on the second row from the bottow as you can see from above the kids hat (it's actually the third row) My dad sat across from them on the aisle, you can see him standing and taking my picuture of me taking his picture.  Don and Rita up top. Her knee wouldn't let her take all those stadium stairs.


Afterwards we ate lunch at the Busy Bee Cafe, one of my favorites in downtown Raleigh.
Sloan was wearing her "sunglasses" as she called them. 
Then on to my departmental ceremony. Nevermind what Sloan is doing here but i wanted to show off my red shoes.

The hooding ceremony took place next in the Statistics Department. If you look closely you can see the gift Rick got me for graduation. It is a ruby necklace.
Two of my committee members

Another shot of my fabulous shoes. Not bad for 18 weeks pregnant


Of course many people have asked, WHAT NEXT? 
Aside from cooking this next baby and homemaking (so far I have made 2 dresses and 3 skirts and countless baked goods and creative meals that are mostly healthy) there was only one more FUN option to choose ... Since achieving a PhD is like winning the super bowl (yeah ok not really) here you go!

So there you have it. Disney, and a few various spots. The Beeman Family is hitting the road South for warmer weather. I hope to be able to post more soon.