06 January 2014

Belated Holidays - Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

Did you see the video of our Christmas card?? Essentially, it read like this:

We are all thrilled about the news, especially Sloan who has been calling the baby her sister since she found out I was pregnant!  For such a young child, she has an amazing grasp of what it means. She seems pretty excited to welcome her baby sister in a few more months as we are over halfway there and this baby will also be coming early based on her size. I think gestational period has some margin of variation.

I love how these photos turned out. Sloan's hair has really grown! I am anxious to see if Baby Bee is the complete opposite of Sloan. I am trying to prepare myself that i might not have another blonde haired girl with huge blue eyes. Only four more months to know for sure! My due date is around May 15th, but as i said, i think the baby will be here by the first week of May.

In case you forgot, I was due August 9th with Sloan, and I knew by this point in my pregnancy that I would not make it to August at all.  I am not certain this one will come in April, but she will be here before her due date. I hope for a natural birth and that it is just as fast as the last one if not faster. I'll update more about my pregnancy in posts to come once i get caught up on posts about 2013, graduation, and whatever else i have missed.

Here is a fun photo from last year to show how much Sloan has really changed, Rick is slimmer, i am "about the same"

I guess i'll have to share my bump in up and coming posts too! It has taken a while for me to show at all this pregnancy. I can tell people were still guessing (is she gaining weight?) and then around 18-20 weeks i finally popped.

Happy New Year to You !


  1. love the post, my beautiful family.........so proud

  2. So enjoyed how you shared your AWESOME news about Baby Bee ~~ now what is her FAV color?!?!?! Sloan's hair looks beautiful & I know you'll have such FUN creating so many different styles with her OR she'll be doing it!!! And once again YOU look adorable being pregnant & of course YOU are glowing with JOY!!!

  3. Ahh, congratulations!! That is such exciting news and I can only imagine how great of a big sister Sloan is going to be! Hope you are feeling well, you look fantastic!

  4. Oh how fun!! This is what I get for being so behind on my blog reading. Congratulations all around. So excited to hear more baby news from your sweet family! Sloan is going to be a wonderful big sister.