27 January 2014

Baby Bee 2: 24-25 weeks pregnant.

This is me, in my "lounge wear" at 24 weeks pregnant. Not too bad! Only recently have people started asking me if i was pregnant. Or making other awkward small talk regarding my recent growth.

In fashion of my former posts, I am going to try to update the same way, as often as i can

Size of Baby: She is about 1.5 lbs and about 12 inches long. Since she is measuring ahead, we can go ahead and add to both weight and length.

Biggest Challenges: Staying awake past 9pm! Other than that, I am much more fit and able bodied than I was last pregnancy, probably because i live in a larger house with many stairs that I am constantly climbing. I am also chasing after my toddler! I am hoping the good feelings stay the same. I had a cold for about 4 weeks that I had trouble shaking (a horrible cough) but finally my doctor treated me for asthma and the cough has subsided and i feel much better!

Cravings: None really. I eat relatively healthy. At first it was Green Olives and Balsamic Vinegar dressing. Now I can eat about half a meal and then i feel stuffed. That could be a good thing.

Gender: It's a girl! We have a name, but have not settled on a middle name. We are in discussion now. Sloan wants it to be Stop Sign. Sloan is a little stinker.

Movement: She is very active and I can feel her moving around all the time. I felt her much earlier than her sister, but likely due to more awareness and the fact that I was smaller starting out.  She LOVES when i eat clementines. Literally flips over them.

Sleep: I go to bed early and wake up early. I am managing. Starting to get uncomfortable.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

What i LOVE: I like my curves for the most part. I enjoy the busty part of being pregnant and having a baby! I LOVE my hair and skin right now (for the most part ). Here is a glorified selfie from my office chair. For now, my face doesn't look pregnant and the fact that i CAN still wear some of my jeans.

Maternity Clothes: My friend Amy had two winter babies so gave me all of her maternity clothes. I underestimated the difference that 3 months in a due date would make, but it is an entire season. My winter peacoat fits "ok" but my ski jacket is hard to zip (still zips though!). I can still wear some of my skinny jeans from pre-Sloan pregnancy (i lost more weight after having sloan so they were a little baggy before I got pregnant) BUT i don't bother. I love elastic waistbands and probably wore maternity pants sooner than necessary due to the comfort. My OB commented on how i wasn't quite filling them out yet, but I didn't care. My old maternity jeans are way too baggy so i had to buy a few more pairs but I am managing to make it work.

Emotions: I am doing pretty well here. Sure i get a bit teary over things that i normally wouldn't bat an eye over, but I think I am even-keel most of the time. Just don't wake me up in the middle of the night and we will not have a problem :)

Milestone: We have decided on a name, though the middle name is bouncing around. What you name your child will stay with them forever and is a very important decision not to be taken lightly. We debated giving her a color/flower middle name like sloan violet, but haven't settled on anything. It's really between that and family names. We shall see. Still plenty of time to decide.

I take my gestational diabetes test next appointment and i hope that i pass!

Here is a quick picture of baby bee. She has a beautiful profile. I am anxious to see what she looks like in my arms.


  1. I'm so glad I had a chance to read some of your blog tonight! You are looking fabulous, and I can't wait to hear what name you choose. I always thought Sloan's name was so pretty. :)

    May I recommend Jade as a middle name that is also a color? lol

    1. thanks Jenn! I have considered Jade but we shall see. I should be posting a name some time in the near future