27 January 2014

Baby Bee 2: 24-25 weeks pregnant.

This is me, in my "lounge wear" at 24 weeks pregnant. Not too bad! Only recently have people started asking me if i was pregnant. Or making other awkward small talk regarding my recent growth.

In fashion of my former posts, I am going to try to update the same way, as often as i can

Size of Baby: She is about 1.5 lbs and about 12 inches long. Since she is measuring ahead, we can go ahead and add to both weight and length.

Biggest Challenges: Staying awake past 9pm! Other than that, I am much more fit and able bodied than I was last pregnancy, probably because i live in a larger house with many stairs that I am constantly climbing. I am also chasing after my toddler! I am hoping the good feelings stay the same. I had a cold for about 4 weeks that I had trouble shaking (a horrible cough) but finally my doctor treated me for asthma and the cough has subsided and i feel much better!

Cravings: None really. I eat relatively healthy. At first it was Green Olives and Balsamic Vinegar dressing. Now I can eat about half a meal and then i feel stuffed. That could be a good thing.

Gender: It's a girl! We have a name, but have not settled on a middle name. We are in discussion now. Sloan wants it to be Stop Sign. Sloan is a little stinker.

Movement: She is very active and I can feel her moving around all the time. I felt her much earlier than her sister, but likely due to more awareness and the fact that I was smaller starting out.  She LOVES when i eat clementines. Literally flips over them.

Sleep: I go to bed early and wake up early. I am managing. Starting to get uncomfortable.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

What i LOVE: I like my curves for the most part. I enjoy the busty part of being pregnant and having a baby! I LOVE my hair and skin right now (for the most part ). Here is a glorified selfie from my office chair. For now, my face doesn't look pregnant and the fact that i CAN still wear some of my jeans.

Maternity Clothes: My friend Amy had two winter babies so gave me all of her maternity clothes. I underestimated the difference that 3 months in a due date would make, but it is an entire season. My winter peacoat fits "ok" but my ski jacket is hard to zip (still zips though!). I can still wear some of my skinny jeans from pre-Sloan pregnancy (i lost more weight after having sloan so they were a little baggy before I got pregnant) BUT i don't bother. I love elastic waistbands and probably wore maternity pants sooner than necessary due to the comfort. My OB commented on how i wasn't quite filling them out yet, but I didn't care. My old maternity jeans are way too baggy so i had to buy a few more pairs but I am managing to make it work.

Emotions: I am doing pretty well here. Sure i get a bit teary over things that i normally wouldn't bat an eye over, but I think I am even-keel most of the time. Just don't wake me up in the middle of the night and we will not have a problem :)

Milestone: We have decided on a name, though the middle name is bouncing around. What you name your child will stay with them forever and is a very important decision not to be taken lightly. We debated giving her a color/flower middle name like sloan violet, but haven't settled on anything. It's really between that and family names. We shall see. Still plenty of time to decide.

I take my gestational diabetes test next appointment and i hope that i pass!

Here is a quick picture of baby bee. She has a beautiful profile. I am anxious to see what she looks like in my arms.

23 January 2014

Super Sloan 2.5

Sloan is now 2 and 1/2. It is hard to believe that in another 2 years I will be registering my sweet Sloan for Kindergarten for the Fall. Time really is flying. I took a look at her footprints in the snow next to mine yesterday morning and realized that she isn't so little anymore.

Goofing around!
Sloan can say most everything and speaks in paragraphs. She learns songs with ease and repeats them back. We are working on letters. My favorite is when she says "TOCK" which is a clock. Look mama a tock. huh? then she clicks her tongue a few times to explain it to me. She is smart like that, using other ways to describe what she is trying to say.

Sloan says the sweetest things, just the other morning she woke up in our bed (don't judge) and woke up quietly and looked at me, gave me this sweet smile and said, "You're beautiful", then gently touched my face, brushed my hair out of my eyes, and then she sang to me "you're special to me, you're part of my heart, i love you so much" It was adorable! Totally melted my heart. Where does she get this stuff? It assures that we are raising her in a loving and nurturing environment. I can't hug Rick without Sloan wanting to get in on the action.

Sloan can count to 12 and knows all of her colors and most of her shapes. She recognizes the letter "S" as "My Letter". We don't really work too much on these things because they can be learned later on. We are more interested in helping her develop her creativity, her manners, and her work ethic. Things that are harder to teach later on.
Wearing mommy's glasses at mommy's work

Sloan cleans up after herself most of the time, and like her mommy, doesn't like to leave a cabinet or drawer open. She likes to pour her own drinks into a cup from a pitcher and of course, she feeds herself and has done so for quite some time. She also likes to serve herself and prefers that I serve dinner in dishes on the table where she can scoop her own food onto her plate. Her favorite food is still Broccoli, with bacon coming in at close second.
Papa grew a BIG turnip!
Sloan is also very clever. I find that towards the end of every meal she ends up on my lap. Rick laughs about it, but she is quite sneaky, leaning in for a hug and then what do you know, she's on my lap. During many of our family meals she requests that her daddy take a picture of the two of us together. She also likes to be photographed with the dog. She is very funny and likes to do things to get a laugh. I think we might be in trouble once she starts school as she has a hard time sitting still for very long. She tries to be cute and persuasive, but we are on to her wiles and don't often let her "trick" us into getting her way. We find that consistency and boundaries will do much more good than letting her rule the roost, though she does try pretty darn hard.
eating sushi like mommy

Sloan likes to go to church and sing and dance. She likes to ride the merry go round at school and requests almost every morning that I give her a good spin before we go inside to class. Drop-offs are usually tear free, but we do have some emotional mornings still.  Most of the time she wants me to come inside and play with her for a bit, and i usually leave just enough time in the morning that i don't have to shove off the moment she arrives at her class. Her current head teacher is an amazing, patient, and "zen"  type of woman who i really admire and from whom I have learned a thing or two. I am grateful for our school. 

Sloan is also very sensitive. The other day a strand of my necklace broke and I was stringing the beads back together, and just as I was about to complete the strand, it slipped and beads went everywhere. Sloan got to her knees to help me gather them, and stopped for a moment and prayed, "Dear God, please help mommy fix her necklace, AMEN" She asks me to pray for her boo-boos. She prays that I have a healthy pregnancy and that i feel better ( I have had a cold for 4 weeks ) And things of the sort. It just goes to show she is a sponge and is picking up on everything we do in our home, the good and the bad.


TV: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. We prefer Disney to Nickelodeon. Her favorite character is Mickey Mouse. She also likes Sesame Street.

Movies: currently "The Little Mermaid" is one of her favorites. Her Mimi got it for her for Christmas along with an Ariel doll that she plays with in the bathtub every night. She also loves "Finding Nemo", "Tarzan", and pretty much anything Disney.

Food:  Sloan will request broccoli with every meal but also enjoys picking Kale out of the yard and eating it raw. She does eat raw broccoli too and enjoyed picking it out of Papa's garden and eating it between goes on the swing. WE have been blessed with a good eater. She is healthy and likes to eat most everything we serve.  Sloan also likes candy. What 2 year old doesn't? But we limit it. The holidays were tough because candy was EVERYWHERE, but now it has calmed down a bit and I think we have gotten rid of most of it from our house! Sloan LOVES bacon! we have it about once a week, usually a bit less. She also loves chocolate, especially dark chocolate!  We made chocolate covered strawberries the other day and savored every last bite!

Toys: Sloan likes playing pretend kitchen and dollhouse. She will spend a good amount of time "cooking" and playing with her dollhouse. The other day, I was finishing up a dress for her, and I kept hearing her say, "Are you alright brother? Yes, I'm good". I finally asked her what happened to brother, and she said he kept falling off the bed. She also likes to play with her dolls and paint. We do a lot of artwork in our house and it is hanging all over the walls. Sloan does quite well coloring within the lines.

Activities: Sloan likes being outside and we try to go out as much as possible, though lately it has been very cold! We go swimming at the indoor pool as often as we can and she very much enjoys the pool. I am going to enroll her in lessons this spring so that she will know how to swim this summer. I will still be with her and watch her, but she is old enough and confident enough that I believe she will have great success.  Sloan is also a little daredevil. She jumps from one object to the next, often throwing caution to the wind. Sometimes she lands on the ground, and will just brush herself off and keep going. Sometimes we have a good laugh about it, and less often, she will cry about it. This little girl is fierce! She also likes going to the park, movies, bike rides, and museum with her daddy. They have a lot of fun adventures. Sometimes I go too, but other times I let them have their own adventures. She adores her daddy!
Mommy i'm flying like Buzz Lightyear!

Sloan also has a very good recollection/memory. I sang a song to her that I had not sung since we were at the Eiffel Tower and she said, You sang that to me at the Eiffel Tower. I was impressed! She also remembers words to books and will say them when i pause to allow her to complete the sentences and also sings many songs. One of her favorites to belt out is "Go Tell it on the Mountain" likely because she had to perform it with her friends at church on Christmas eve so we really drilled it into her.

Her hair is growing quite long and is very pretty dirty blonde with big curls (except for some of the cold dry days it can be pretty straight). She wears a hair bow every day, or else I will cut her bangs. Since she insists that she wants long hair like mommy so prefers the hair bow to scissors.   

 Sloan knows where to find her clothes and will pick out her own things to wear and some of the times will dress herself.  She can put her Mary Janes and Toms on by herself, but her tennis shoes are still a bit too difficult for her to manage herself (sometimes I have trouble getting her wide foot into her shoe)

Sloan weighs 28-30 pounds and is about 36" tall. She is taller than most of the girls in her classroom, which is surprising because both of her parents are just slightly above average. She wears mostly 3T tops and 2T bottoms (her waist is sooo skinny we have trouble keeping some pants on). Her arms and cute little belly are too long for most of her 2T tops.

 A few of my favorite things Sloan has said:

"Miss Muffet got scared away by the spider!" - as though she were reporting news to me.

"Come here Doctor Mommy"

"Mommy lets drive to the moon" - we can't sweetheart, it is too far away, we need a space ship with rockets, "Mommy, i'm going to drive a rocket ship to the moon and you can sit up front by me and hold my hand"

While reading Panda Bear Panda bear what do you see, I read the "what they see" part and sloan does the repetition part... me: I see a macaroni penguin looking at me Sloan: "Mashed Potato Penguin Mashed Potato Penguin, what do you see?"

"Dear God, Thank you for the Pleasant Weather" said on a particularly warm day this winter.

A glimpse of the influence of the outside world:
"Mommy, i said 'stupid' "  Sloan that is an ugly word that i do not ever use. Please don't say that word again, it makes my heart sad. We can just say silly. "Ok. Mommy,  i can go say stupid in my room?" NO you may not.  comes out of room, "Mommy, i said stupid in my room"

We are very pleased with how our little girl is growing. She has a witty disposition and is smart, funny, caring, and very strong willed, which is sometimes a challenge, but most of the time a blessing. We think God has big plans for Sloan Violet and are excited to have our front row seats.

06 January 2014

Belated Holidays - Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

Did you see the video of our Christmas card?? Essentially, it read like this:

We are all thrilled about the news, especially Sloan who has been calling the baby her sister since she found out I was pregnant!  For such a young child, she has an amazing grasp of what it means. She seems pretty excited to welcome her baby sister in a few more months as we are over halfway there and this baby will also be coming early based on her size. I think gestational period has some margin of variation.

I love how these photos turned out. Sloan's hair has really grown! I am anxious to see if Baby Bee is the complete opposite of Sloan. I am trying to prepare myself that i might not have another blonde haired girl with huge blue eyes. Only four more months to know for sure! My due date is around May 15th, but as i said, i think the baby will be here by the first week of May.

In case you forgot, I was due August 9th with Sloan, and I knew by this point in my pregnancy that I would not make it to August at all.  I am not certain this one will come in April, but she will be here before her due date. I hope for a natural birth and that it is just as fast as the last one if not faster. I'll update more about my pregnancy in posts to come once i get caught up on posts about 2013, graduation, and whatever else i have missed.

Here is a fun photo from last year to show how much Sloan has really changed, Rick is slimmer, i am "about the same"

I guess i'll have to share my bump in up and coming posts too! It has taken a while for me to show at all this pregnancy. I can tell people were still guessing (is she gaining weight?) and then around 18-20 weeks i finally popped.

Happy New Year to You !