17 December 2014

Sweet P: Six Month Pics

I had to take Piper to get a portrait made in her 6 month dress. My 6 month dress actually. I wasn't thrilled with how they turned out. The photographer was probably using manual settings. But nonetheless I now have a picture of myself and my daughters in the same dress!

This shows Piper's silly side. She definitely has one and it is quickly emerging. I think she was squawking at me :) 

They also had holiday backdrop and so I went ahead and took her picture. The guy operating this camera did a much better job.
This one was my favorite and the next (with cookies) coming in close second 


 Don't you just want to kiss her cute little belly? 

 Finally, I wanted a butterfly shot like Sloans. Again, it was the same lady who took the first pics but they're still pretty cute and now i have them forever. We used my photographer for our holiday pics which i can't wait to share!


For comparison, here is sloan and myself in the same dress. Piper looks a lot like her sister!

03 December 2014

Sweet P: 7 months old!

Time is beyond flying.  I think I say that every post I write. If i don't i should.

 We are keeping so busy with everything, and on top of it, I have a crawler, and not just any type of crawler. This girl is really going places... Around 6.5 months, Piper figured out how to make her knees work and started really crawling! Since she was already sitting herself up, it made it easier for her to try to start climbing and pulling up

She can also climb and tries to pull up on everything.

She is trying VERY hard to stand.
Piper LOVES to play with her big sister. She also makes her likes and dislikes known immediately and prefers her personal space. 
Piper has graduated to a Convertible carseat. Her thighs are just too great for the baby seat. She weighs around 23 pounds and is definitely taller. I would guess she has grown at least an inch since her doctor visit last month. Piper is wearing 12 and 18 month onesies, though the sleeves are a bit long in the 18 months. Her pants are 18-24 months. Some 12 month pants fit her, but she is a bit wide bottomed and we have a hard time getting them on her, especially with the cloth diapers.

Piper celebrated her First Thanksgiving with her grandparents and Great Grandparents. She was able to eat turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans! She loved it!

Piper is still our happy baby always full of smiles, though she is now growing more aware of strangers and "not mommy". Her favorites things are, anything she can put in her mouth, her activity cube, and a dryer ball. She really likes the spiky dryer ball and will be pleasantly surprised when she receives a bunch of sensory balls for Christmas. Piper still loves her Pacifier but doesn't cry too much. At all. Ever :)

We have taken our Christmas photos and I plan to get the cards made and mailed out very soon.

13 November 2014

Halloween 2014!

I had so much fun this Halloween. Partially because I was able to make the girls costumes, and partially because Sloan is an incredible amount of fun!  At first she was going to be a "Robot Cat" whatever that means. So we had started working on a robot box to put over a cat costume I had planned to make. Simple enough, black leotard, cat ears pinned to pigtails and a long tail. Done.
Then i realized that she had no idea she could be anything she wanted, and she really LOVES Daniel Tiger, so i offered to make her a Daniel Tiger Costume! She was thrilled and started telling me the details, such as, Daniel wears a red coat and red shoes with laces.

We didn't have red shoes with laces, but we did have a pair of Red Toms that were waiting for her feet to grow and I think this year we reached that point.

I found a Daniel Tiger costume on Amazon, but i wasn't thrilled with it and knew i could do better.

Not that this one was bad, but i just thought I could do better, or at least make it so that her face is daniel and not her hat.... So i printed out a picture of Daniel and went to the fabric store.

Here is a picture of Daniel Tiger:
 If you are not sure who he is, he is spin off cartoon derived from Mister Rogers' neighborhood. It's on PBS and totally adorable!

Well I went to the store, i grabbed some fleece fabric and some brown fur, made a pair of pants, a tail, and figured out how to make a hood with ears (i added some fusible interface to make them stand up). Grabbed a red hoodie out of her closet, paired with her red cord Toms 

and voila! WE had a real Daniel Tiger! 

Here is a little detail of the hood, this is before i added the velcro strap - and actually the right ear isn't sewed together yet, it is just in place for a quick picture as i figured out how to make it work.

At first i thought I would add a string to the hood to let her tie it, but realized it would be harder for her to keep on that way and velcro was my better bet

As for Piper, first she was a cabbage patch doll. I found a tutorial online and quickly made the hat one weekend! The hair was exactly like a doll I once had! (ok i still have the doll)

Sloan had a parade with her preschool and then another one that evening with our neighborhood. She was all about marching in parades and kept talking about it. She loved waving at her adoring fans!

Piper and I went to watch the parade and then afterwards, I put Piper in the stroller with her friends and sent her back to class while I went to Sloan's class for a snack and trick or treating on the playground.
You can see Piper and I in the background of this photo (look behind Sloan)

Piper in the stroller with her friends and on her way!

Then in the evening, I wanted Piper to be warm so i threw the caterpillar costume on top of her pajamas and took her to the neighborhood parade!
Here are a few pics i took at home before we left the house:

My neighbor took this shot

Sloan outlasted all the neighborhood kids and went with her daddy to the next street over (we have very long streets) and a new development next to ours. I'm not sure she will ever get to eat the 10 lbs of candy she collected as she is allowed no more than one piece a day and some days none, but it was a lot of fun to let her gather the candy anyways!

Here are our neighbor friends we trick or treat with every year.  These pics are from 2012, 2013, and 2014

Some out-takes

Here's a side by side comparison of the girls in the same outfit: