13 December 2013

Flashback Friday: Hawaii, May 2012

It wasn't that long ago, but one of us sure has changed a lot! Also i'm dreaming of warmer weather!
Rick transferred my photos to a flash drive to free up computer memory and I cannot find it anywhere, we both blame the other, but rather than be upset, we cherish the ones we do have.

Our first glimpse of Maui from the air

I loved how you could see the other islands from the coast

The sands are so different, tiny little pieces of glass created from lava flow.

One day we drove all the way around Maui, including the west end. It was definitely nerve wracking! The roads were so narrow and the shoulder on one side was essentially the bottom of the mountain. We found waterfalls to hike to, some were less glamorous than the others, and not worth the exhausting hike. Especially with a 10 month old strapped to the back. What a great work out though!

Rick was braver than me. I did not like having the birds on me. AT ALL!
We found the 7 pools of oheo maui hawaii, which i definitely recommend. I don't know if i have any of those pics or not> I still pray one day i find this hard drive.

Sloan discovered her tongue.

Rick and I got away one day to explore by ourselves!

Last night in Maui:

Next we went to the Big Island, on this

Rick was a bit uneasy, but i didn't worry. I mean look at the airline sign:

Our first Luau!

Exploring the Volcanoes of the Big Island: