25 November 2013

Paris, Day 5: 05 June 2013

This was the first day of the conference I had to attend which meant I had to wake up around 6am, catch the metro over to the Montparnasse Station and then walk around the station to the designated meet up point to catch the shuttle to Clamart, which is just outside of the city and a quick bus or cab ride away.

Mom and dad had the day alone with Sloan and seemed to have a great time with her, stroller, stairs and public potties included.

After work, I met my parents at the Eiffel Tower

watching the elevator going UP
Going UP

Sloan started to get fussy, i realized it was close to 9pm! baby girl was HUNGRY!

Here, have some water

that's better

The Eiffel Tower casts it's shadow upon the ground, it was neat to watch

Going up some more!
The sun setting over Paris, from atop the Eiffel Tower

Mom was freezing, as usual. I thought it was quite refreshing.

Once we got to the bottom we did a photo shoot with Sloan in her 2 year old dress:
A few of my favorites and we saw a panda

I must say, Sloan has had quite the experiences and opportunity in her 2 years of life. I hope we can keep up for the next 18 years. God has truly blessed us!

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