25 November 2013

Paris, Day 5: 05 June 2013

This was the first day of the conference I had to attend which meant I had to wake up around 6am, catch the metro over to the Montparnasse Station and then walk around the station to the designated meet up point to catch the shuttle to Clamart, which is just outside of the city and a quick bus or cab ride away.

Mom and dad had the day alone with Sloan and seemed to have a great time with her, stroller, stairs and public potties included.

After work, I met my parents at the Eiffel Tower

watching the elevator going UP
Going UP

Sloan started to get fussy, i realized it was close to 9pm! baby girl was HUNGRY!

Here, have some water

that's better

The Eiffel Tower casts it's shadow upon the ground, it was neat to watch

Going up some more!
The sun setting over Paris, from atop the Eiffel Tower

Mom was freezing, as usual. I thought it was quite refreshing.

Once we got to the bottom we did a photo shoot with Sloan in her 2 year old dress:
A few of my favorites and we saw a panda

I must say, Sloan has had quite the experiences and opportunity in her 2 years of life. I hope we can keep up for the next 18 years. God has truly blessed us!

01 November 2013

Two years and a quarter

Here is a quick update about Sloan, as usual i'm about 12 days late, but it's all relative at this point.

1. Sloan prays every meal and every bed time. When she injures herself she also requests that we pray for her healing and will return the favor when we are injured or feeling ill.  It usually sounds something like this:
"Dear God, Thank you for the food. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for Jesus. Please help ____ feel better . Amen" This melts my heart. Sometimes we forget to pray before a meal and midway Sloan will remind us, We forgot to PRAY! and then we hold hands and pray. Sometimes she remembers things she wants to pray about and we specifically didn't mention so she will request we pray again to mention those things. Often it involves a "boo boo" on her leg.

2. Sloan likes to stomp bugs. the other day she saw a bug, grabbed her rain boots, put them out, located the bug and stomp, killed it. Then brought it to me. She also stomps dirt that resembles small bugs. i feel totally safe in our home. (p.s. i'm not afraid of bugs but someone else might be i just personally don't like cockroaches)

The famous stomping rain boots coupled with a "No pictures mommy"
3. Sloan likes to be photographed but sometimes she does not. We have "Take my picture please mommy" moments and then we have "No pictures mommy, no taking a movie mommy". Of course she loves to watch movies of herself and view the pictures I take, so usually when I remind her how much she loves to watch, she changes her tune.

4. Sloan loves to dance and sing. She has memorized many songs, including some that she made up on her own and with her daddy. My favorite is when she sings,"You are my sunshine" because at the end she does this swiping motion and makes a noise. I asked her what she did. "I took your sunshine" Now she also eats it so you can't have it back. If you take Sloan's sunshine she will say "Hey, give me back my sunshine". It is ADORABLE.

5. Sloan loves her new class. She loves to paint and do arts and crafts. She loves to play make believe in her kitchen and with her baby dolls. I love listening to her talk to her toys. She has a great imagination. She is a little mommy, which might come in handy one day.

Helping me make Halloween Crafts:

6. Sloan can catch a ball and throw it back. She can also kick the ball well and do somersaults. She learned to jump some time after her second birthday and that is fun to watch! She runs fast now and loves to do laps around the house. She also likes to be chased and have the dog chase her as she carries her toy or ball with her.

Second dentist visit, first teeth cleaning! She did AWESOME!
7. Sloan has all of her baby teeth. Her top 2 year molars came in around her 2nd birthday and her bottom ones started coming in some time in September and are now through the skin.  She wears a size 3T top and 2T bottom. She is broad chested like me but has skinny waist and legs. She is in a size 7 shoe. She LOVES her shoes, she has a pair of Star Shoes (converse), pink Toms, Light up Shoes, hot pink Mary Janes, and Rain Boots. She often asks to wear her white sandals, but I think it's time I put them away since it is sort of chilly for sandals. Oh and how could i forget, her Crocs. Those beloved Crocs.
My goodness we are in trouble!
8. Sloan can dress herself, though sometime her arms comes out of the head. She can put on her underwear and pants as well as her socks and shoes all by herself. Some shoes are easier for her than others. Sloan also likes to pick out her own clothes and wear tutu's over all of her pants. She doesn't like to wear hair bows and sometimes will tell me it is because she doesn't want her friends to see them.

9. Sloan now asks "WHY" when we tell her something, such as, You cannot have a cookie (before dinner). I explained that she had to eat dinner first and she replied, "Oh, OK"

10. Sloan also repeats phrases we say, appropriately, like "Oh Man!" Mommy can i have some candy, No sloan you cannot. "OH MAN!"... She likes to have pretend phone calls and says, "I am doing good. How are you doing?" and then jabbers on about what they are doing or what she is doing.  She also likes to take her money out of her piggy bank and put it back in. She recognizes a quarter and a penny, and calls everything else diamonds. Close enough. She also looks in the mirror when brushing her teeth and says, "This is going to be GREAT!" and she is quite dramatic, "I want it soooo bad mommy" or "Ellie wants it sooo much!"

Sloan is excellent at cleaning up after herself and following directions. She listens well, has an cheerful temperament (most of the time), and is a joy to be around. She loves movies, especially Finding Nemo and Toy Story. She also likes to watch children's programs on tv, but we limit her tv time, and she will limit it herself, "Turn off the TV please". We are looking at signing up for swim lessons this winter as well as dance class in the near future. I want her to be able to swim by next summer, which I think is reasonable. We received the Target toy catalogue in the mail recently and Sloan pointed out several things that she wanted to buy. "I want to buy that mama". It was cute but it seems very early for her to start out her wish list requests. How about she waits until she is 4 or 5 at least!

Sloan loves going on bike rides with her Daddy and he takes her on very long rides (10-15 miles each way). The love looking at the birds and other wildlife (cows, deer, squirrels etc) She also still enjoys stroller rides with me and will let me take her on walks in the mornings when we feel up to it.

Sloan is also in a new big girl room! I moved her over for naps shortly after her second birthday to test it out, and she requested her big girl bed going forward. She does well in her bed and comes to our room when she wakes up. Sometimes this is too early and we have to walk her to the bathroom and then back to her bed and tell her that it isn't time to wake up yet.  I still haven't finished that second curtain, but it is on my soon to do list. Once i turn in my final paper... The good news for me is that I have passed my PhD defense and will graduate in December. Technically I can now be referred to as Dr. Beeman :)

I am sure there are many other things I have yet to mention, but i'll try to touch on them when things settle down around here. We have been busy busy bees !

Look at all those curls - She really has grown quite the beautiful mane!