18 October 2013

Paris day 4, 04 June 2013, Versailles Palace and Gardens

This was my last day before the conference i flew to Paris for began, so we headed out to the Versailles Palace and gardens.
Sloan loves a good train ride

The books say "Avoid the gardens on Sunday and Tuesday, the most crowded days" but we couldn't avoid it. Monday it is closed. Sunday we took advantage of free museum day. Saturday was arrival and chill out day. And Wednesday was Jennifer goes to work day. So Tuesday it was. Rick Steve's be ignored.

It was crowded and the entry line was very long! Since we knew we would have to wait for a bit, we went ahead and grabbed some lunch and ate while we waited. Sloan ran around and chased pigeons after her lunch and KinderSurprise. I love a good kinder egg and you can't get them in the US so i always buy a half dozen or so when i land in Europe.

In this one her prize was a little guy and a parachute which was perfect for throwing into the wind while we waited in the courtyard.

Finally we made it in. Strollers are of course, prohibited so we had to check it at the front. It made for a long walk once we found our way inside the main palace area. It got very hot and crowded and we were done looking at one old thing after another. I'm glad we went, but you can only see so many old beds and paintings and ceilings and adornments before you just want to get out of there! did i mention how hot it was.

Sloan liked this statue

She also listened to the guide a bit. It was adorable

A few of many lavish ceilings
This is L'Hopital. which only means something to my mathematical friends i'm sure

Mom and Dad

Sloan loved the fountains and collecting rocks

Our one family portrait:

I could do an entire blog post about Sloan and her reflection:

This was the train ride home:

This was the summer home "The Grand Trianon" - just a walk through the garden away from the palace.

I liked this table leg

This was my favorite photo from the day

Versailles is a must see, but i'd go off season and on a low volume day. The gardens are beautiful and the little homes spread about.  It makes for a lot of walking, but imagine living there as a child, wandering the gardens and woods. I would have been in heaven. It was fun to see Marie-Antoinette's home as well as the Summer home (for them to escape the palace on the weekends) is interesting to see an imagine all the things that happened here in history leading up to the French Revolution and the end of this monarchy.

10 October 2013

New Class Cool like Fall!

Sloan is in a new class! She officially started on Wednesday. She was supposed to start on Monday, but her dad had the day off and her Grammy and Granddad Beeman were also in town to visit and celebrate his birthday with him! On Tuesday, Sloan spent a half day at home with Grammy and Granddad and then i went to get her in time for lunch with her friends.

She did NOT want to go. Grammy was too much fun. She cried the whole way to school and asked that instead she be allowed to go to my office. I had to refuse as tempting as that sounded. In order to assuage her tears, I rolled down the windows so Sloan could feel the crisp autumn air. It was a brisk 60!

Wednesday, sometime in the morning after I dropped her off, Sloan's new teacher, Maria, picked her up and took her into her new room. The way they work, the teachers will let the child decide how long they want to stay. When Sloan moved up to Bridget's class, she never went back to her baby room. I wasn't sure it would have been this easy in her new class, but I got a phone call Wednesday afternoon letting me know that Sloan refused to go back to her new room and when Maria let Sloan walk with her to take the snacks back to the fridge, Sloan quickly tiptoed past her old classroom as to say, Please don't put me back in there.

I must say, Sloan LOVED her old class, but the children in there are a good 5-12 months younger than her. And at this age, that is a huge gap, especially when Sloan is pretty advanced (if i do say so myself). Potty trained at 20 months and speaking in paragraphs. She understands things that can sometimes be viewed as abstract and forms the cutest thoughts.

When i went to pick Sloan up yesterday, she was busy playing by the back window (she's the blonde in a black top and jeans by the window) I do love watching her play as she is quite independent.

This morning i had to have a fasting blood draw so i brought Sloan with me and let her have breakfast afterwards with me in my building's cafe.  Then a quick trip to my office where Sloan prepared to give a lecture:

This is a cloud
And this is how i sign my name

I think she nailed it. If you've seen my signature (doctor in training) then you would recognize this as sheer talent! See the "V" for Violet?

When i dropped her off today, she saw her friend Tyson painting and was ready to dive right in. In her new class they can do whatever they want, it is the Montessori way! Kid directed learning. She will continue to learn at her own pace and we are more than happy about that.  Compared to her reluctant drop off the previous day, Sloan didn't want to look back. She was much too excited to dive right in to her new class! I am grateful she is in such good hands! We will miss Bridget and Shelia but are excited for our new adventure!