26 September 2013

Paris, Day 3. 03 June 2013

Day 3. We were very sore, at least i was. Lots of walking, carrying the stroller up and down metro stairs among other places, usually with the toddler strapped in. Wearing my backpack with camera. I debated whether or not to bring my expensive Canon camera, but it really wasn't a question, though i must say my dad's cheap(er) camera took great pics as well and my camera from my European vacation three years ago also took some fantastic photographs.

Paris is so different alone than with a toddler in tow. I really did enjoy it both ways. I can't wait until we can go with the entire family. I think I might be Spain bound in 2016 but that is neither here nor there. Back to day three.

We woke up and of course, I had the day planned, we took the metro to the northern part of the city, Montmartre. From the train stop, we navigated our way towards the Sacre-Coeur. The thing i really like about this area and remembered from my last visit, are the super cheap souvenirs.

Here is an example of why we were so sore - Stairs and the Princess

We made our way to the church and went inside. The real beauty is the outside as well as the view of Paris from the top of the "hill".  We did pass by thLapin Agile , where famous artists and writers used to convene, but since I had already taken pictures and this was not my first rodeo, i did not this time around, though I always daydream about what went on in this place around 100 years ago.

We walked through the church and then took a few photo opportunities in front of this beauty. I really love this area of Paris (in the daytime). We slowly made our way down the hill towards a carousel and playground.  Sloan had a great time on the playground until this kid pushed her off . He then proceeded to follow her around to make sure she didn't get back on, and then bullied a few other kids.  Sloan walked over to me, crying and I felt so bad for her. I offered to go back over with her, but she was all done.

Sloan's discovery of the carousel!

Mom and dad were there too

Let me go to the carousel mommy!

Another double level carousel. Sloan loved to jump rides while the ride was in motion. I didn't mind.

this one spun around fast like the teacups - sloan loved it!

This is when we let her play on the playground while Mimi and papa took a rest.

We then made our way down the hill, towards public restrooms, and down the street. WE skipped the Moulin Rouge. I have been there, mom and dad had no desire to go, and we walked down the street a bit, purchased an adorable hat for Sloan for 1 Euro, and made our way back underground, and towards the Notre Dame.

I think the most adorable part of the Notre Dame was inside when Sloan kneeled down to pray, all on her own.

took a photo, went to another restroom, hung around (it was the 850th anniversary of the cathedral!) and then walked to find a place to eat on Boulevard St. Germain! Diner was great, I had the typical Duck and Escargot, Sloan had an omelette and a lot of my duck.  I think we got some sun that day.

I love this picture of Sloan drinking from her water glass. Sloan has been drinking from a cup since around 10 months old, and usually insists upon drinking from a big girl glass.

we then hit the metro and made our way back home again. It was time to rest for another big day.
Sloan by now, was an expert at riding the metro, you can tell we had a very big day!
This was our stop, we made it home again. I like how our metro stop had the old style sign you find occasionally around Paris.

I'm not even sure she napped more than a half hour in her stroller. Nonetheless, she was a pleasant toddler to be around and travels quite well! Until next time....

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