06 September 2013

Paris, Day 2: 02 June 2013 (partie une)

Ah, we slept off the jet-lag and woke up at a sprite 10am! I kid you not, we slept and slept and slept. Sloan put in a solid 12 hours or more. Since Paris is higher on the globe, the summer give for long days! Not quite like Scandinavia, but i'm talking sun rise at 5:50 and sunset at 9:45, which is ideal for a tourist! We had stopped at the bakery the night before and grabbed some bread. Of course papa also treated sloan (the night before) to a real french macaroon. You just can't find them as good here in the states, but they are AMAZING!

Day 2 was Sunday, and because of my careful research, I knew the floral market on Ile de la Cite turned into a bird market and to me that was a must see, especially with a toddler in tow, so off we went. La Marche aux Fleurs, with BIRDS! Sloan loved it, and i think my parents did too. We had to walk past the "Town Hall" again which meant another photo op in front of the faux French Open court. In the photos up top, you can see the Notre Dame Cathedral behhind sloan. The towers are visible in the second photo, but the spires are in the middle of the first one. OH i forgot to mention, we wandered around la square du temple first because we wanted to look at all the flea market buys. Sloan was fond of this chair/table dalmatian!

Next we walked along the seine towards the Louvre and found a place to stop for lunch. Sloan enjoyed the cafe and I *think* they didn't mind her too much. We did sort of let her down to play after we were done eating

After lunch we continued along the Seine towards the Louvre. took a quick photo on the Love Lock Bridge (as seen in the Amazing Race). You can see the Eiffel Tower from this bridge as well.

The beauty of our trip is that we arrived on the first Sunday of the month which meant FREE ADMISSION to several places. We finally wandered into the courtyard of the Louvre and made our way into the very long line that moved much faster than we thought it would!
Inside the courtyard
Sloan kept trying to pick up "rocks" her latest hobby that she currently practices.

Her sleeve may or may not be rolled up to play in the fountain.

Sloan tried to pick up this big "rock" and then stated "Mommy take my picture over here"

We also took classic pyramid shots that i'll post later on Facebook. I think this picture best captures the weather. It was an amazing spring day! "I love Paris in the spring time!"

 The LOUVRE was absolutely free entry, and with a toddler, you never know how long they will last in a gigantic museum that could possibly take weeks to really see each exhibit, so we hit the highlights and then left. Sloan also took a nap which was brilliant! Here are some of the things I loved about the Louvre!

here sloan, have some milk!
Wow, so brave!
we also liked this one:
and this one made us laugh!

I think this guy took the first "selfie" ever
Sloan really liked the frogs in the ancient Egyptian exhibit.

But the Louvre was way too crowded (of course it was, free weekend and all) and we had to get out of there. Sloan was antsy, and I had a lot more on our itinerary for the rest of the day and very little time to do it! I think we left around 4pm and headed west through the Jardin de Tuilleries 
Here is sloan applying "rock makeup" to her face, as she enjoyed one of her many rocks from the collection we were starting to gather.

This is only part 1 of day 2, i just cannot simply put it all on one post.

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