16 September 2013

Paris Day 2, 02 June 2013, Partie Deux

Where to pick back up? oh yes, day 2, we had just left the Louvre and were headed west inside the Tuileries Garden where the beautiful Irises were in bloom! We stopped to get some ice cream at what was definitely the best ice cream in Paris, from what small sample we took. It was just a little stand inside the garden. Sloan got the biggest scoop as the lady working thought she was the cutest little girl she had ever seen and deserved to be spoiled.

Next we walked up Champs-Elysees and looked around the shops. After taking out some cash, we wandered into a mall and used what was absolutely the fanciest restroom, but at a cost! It sure was clean and fancy!

Below, Sloan is saying, "Hey, give me some money!"

After this restroom stop, we stopped again for another one, and decided to rest for dinner. McDonalds is the best free place to use the restroom, but they sure were nasty toilettes!

This was Sloan's first happy meal. France has much stricter food regulations than the USA and i felt a little better about her eating a burger and fries here. I myself only had a burger and shared her fries. She loved the happy meal and got this cool pencil pouch which was perfect to house her rocks!

After dinner we made our way to the Arc de Triomphe. It was built originally so that Napoleon Bonaparte could march through it in triumph and memorialize his victories. Sadly (for him), the only "marching" he did was when he was carried through the arc in his coffin.

We went all the way to the top (there is an elevator for handicapped and strollers) but we walked down the stairs to get down. It was quite dizzying as it was a narrow spiral staircase. Sloan finds her reflection entertaining!

 A view from the top of the Arc, the Eiffel Tower pokes out in the background! Mom was freezing and wore my coat. I was burning up, likely from all the exercise of chasing and carrying Sloan, and found that i didn't need my coat at all.

Next we walked over to the Eiffel tower and rode the carousel. Did we walk or take the metro, we took the metro. We had walked already 5.5 km, not to mention the walking inside the museum, so likely somewhere between 4 and 5 miles, and all those stairs!

I promised Sloan that in Paris we would ride every carousel and Ferris Wheel we could find, this was our first!

A bicycle on the side of the carousel, which was useful because she didn't want to get off the horse!

Running under the Eiffel tower from papa!

It was quite late and even though the Eiffel Tower is open until 11pm, we decided to come back another day in the week and go up. We got in the metro and made our way home. Up the three flights of stairs to our third floor apartment and slept soundly another night!  Sloan and my parents were quite the troopers. We covered a lot in a day!

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