11 September 2013

China Grove Sept 2013

I interrupt my trip to Paris to bring you life as we know it.

In recent news, Sloan and I went to my grandparents for a family reunion. We visited all of my grandparents (the perks of my parents being high school sweethearts!).

Grandma Sloan is doing great. Just had hip replacement surgery in July and is getting around quite well at 88 years old! My cousin Charlie and his wife Jennifer and two girls, live across the street (and by street i mean dirt road). This is after all a farm!

Cadence is a few months older than Sloan and has been in a few of my posts. They had fun running around together Sloan refused to smile for the picture, but they did give sweet hugs!

Next Sloan went on a tractor ride with Great Papaw, and played for a bit before bedtime. She was actually quite good considering she skipped her nap that day. The next day was apparently, National Grandparents day! Who knew?

That morning we got in several hours of playtime before church. Papaw took us to his wood shop and cut out some blocks for Sloan. She liked watching him use his tools. Me too!

We went to church wtih great papaw. Sloan was ok. They attend a Lutheran church like the one i grew up in. I didn't put Sloan in the nursery but kept her with us. She laid on the floor at first while we listened and sang. She was fairly quiet during the service. Grandma Emma said her favorite part was when the choir finished singing a lovely hymn, Sloan shouted YAY! which led the congregation to quiet laughter and then applause. It was pretty adorable, although i think my face did turn a bit red.  I think my favorite part was when she went up for the children's sermon and sat quietly with the other children while the pastor talked. He played simon says and she did as good as everyone else. When it was over, the pastor handed out Reece's Cups. Not the little ones but the BIG ONES! Upon receipt, Sloan turned around and shouted, MOMMY LOOK and ran to me. That got a few laughs too. She sure is cute!

After church we had lunch and then fed the horses at the fence. Then it was time to go. We had a great weekend in China Grove!

And for fun, here is a picture from last year:

And this year

Look at all that beautiful hair!

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